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We use the WPA standard fee schedule to set a recommended price level. Please remember that these prices are only a guideline and are subject to change.

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CodeDescriptionProcedure CostAnaesthetic Cost
A2720Proximal gastric vagotomy£650.00£260.00
A2730Highly selective vagotomy£650.00£220.00
A2780Vagotomy with pyloroplasty£690.00£260.00
A2781Laparoscopic vagotomy/seromyotomy£690.00£295.00
B2222Adrenalectomy - bilateral (open)£1,000.00£365.00
B2223Adrenalectomy - bilateral (laparoscopic)£1,160.00£475.00
B2224Robotic assisted laparoscopic adrenalectomy - bilateral£1,160.00£475.00
B2232Adrenalectomy - unilateral (open)£750.00£330.00
B2233Adrenalectomy - unilateral (laparoscopic)£825.00£375.00
B2234Robotic assisted laparoscopic adrenalectomy£825.00£375.00
BT251Planning for insertion and removal of radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into rectal tumour£900.00£0.00
BT252Insertion and removal of radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into rectal tumour£900.00£0.00
E3691Thoracoscopic oesophageal mobilisation via mediastinum£0.00£0.00
G0100Oesophagectomy/Oesophagogastrectomy with anastomosis in chest£2,250.00£825.00
G0220Total oesophagectomy and interposition of intestine£2,250.00£975.00
G0260Endoscopically assisted oesophagectomy£2,250.00£1,100.00
G0400Open excision of lesion of oesophagus£610.00£420.00
G0500Bypass of oesophagus£1,150.00£560.00
G0640Closure of bypass of oesophagus£690.00£420.00
G0920Oesophagocardiomyotomy (Heller's operation)£650.00£365.00
G0980Thorascopic oesophagogastric myotomy£690.00£365.00
G1421Endoscopic ablation of high-grade dysplasia in Barrett's oesophagus£550.00£165.00
G1460Endoscopic mucosal resection of high-grade dysplasia in Barrett's oesophagus£550.00£200.00
G1900Rigid oesophagoscopy including any biopsy, laser or diathermy destruction of lesions£280.00£150.00
G2110Oesophageal physiology studies (including pH measurement)£150.00£110.00
G2120High resolution oesophageal manometry£155.00£125.00
G2140Oesophageal manometry£130.00£125.00
G2320Transthoracic repair of diaphragmatic hernia (acquired)£735.00£320.00
G2330Transabdominal repair of hiatus hernia£690.00£300.00
G2331Laparoscopic repair of hiatus hernia with anti-reflux procedure (e.g. fundoplication)£925.00£490.00
G2332Laparoscopic Insertion of magnetic band for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (LINX)£0.00£0.00
G2340Transabdominal repair of diaphragmatic hernia£925.00£475.00
G2400Transthoracic fundoplication & gastroplasty£1,150.00£310.00
G2430Transabdominal anti-reflux operations£925.00£350.00
G2590Revision of anti-reflux operations£1,150.00£475.00
G2710Total gastrectomy and excision of surrounding tissue£1,300.00£420.00
G2800Partial gastrectomy£820.00£275.00
G2810Partial gastrectomy and excision of surrounding tissue£865.00£275.00
G3070Sleeve gastrectomy (including laparoscopic)£0.00£0.00
G3080Laparoscopic gastric banding£0.00£0.00
G3090Gastric bypass eg. Roux en Y for morbid obesity (including laparoscopic)£0.00£0.00
G3100Laparoscopic biliary gastric bypass£850.00£340.00
G3220Revision of gastro-jejunostomy£735.00£220.00
G3440Closure of gastrostomy£500.00£220.00
G3490Endoscopic removal of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube£200.00£120.00
G3520Closure of perforated ulcer of stomach£610.00£220.00
G3580Laparoscopic closure of peptic ulcer£610.00£230.00
G3610Gastropexy (for reflux)£610.00£240.00
G3800Open operations on stomach not elsewhere classified£800.00£220.00
G4020Surgery for correction of congenital intestinal atresias£0.00£0.00
G4370Therapeutic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) with elective banding of oesophageal varices£300.00£150.00
G4410Therapeutic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) with insertion of prosthesis£320.00£130.00
G4430Therapeutic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) with dilatation£250.00£150.00
G4440Therapeutic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) with insertion percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy/percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy£320.00£160.00
G4442Gastroscopic balloon insertion£0.00£0.00
G4443Gastroscopic balloon removal£0.00£0.00
G4460Endoscopic radiofrequency ablation for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease£0.00£0.00
G4480Therapeutic enteroscopy£185.00£140.00
G4520Diagnostic enteroscopy£155.00£105.00
G4530Catheterless oesophageal pH monitoring (e.g. Bravo)£300.00£145.00
G4680Endoscopic mucosal resection (upper gastrointestinal tract)£300.00£170.00
G4690Endoscopic submucosal dissection of gastric lesions£300.00£140.00
G5000Open excision of lesion of duodenum£735.00£240.00
G5010Open excision of congenital lesion of duodenum including mal-rotation£0.00£0.00
G5020Robotic assisted laparoscopic switch of duodenum with vertical gastrectomy and biliary pancreatic diversion£0.00£0.00
G5050Endoscopic submucosal dissection of duodenal lesions£530.00£200.00
G5100Bypass of duodenum£610.00£220.00
G5320Closure of perforated ulcer of duodenum£610.00£220.00
G5810Excision of jejunum£690.00£340.00
G6000Open formation of jejunostomy£560.00£240.00
G6080Laparoscopically assisted resection of small intestine£760.00£550.00
G6082Open resection of small intestine tumour£735.00£550.00
G6100Bypass of jejunum£700.00£215.00
G6500Diagnostic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) includes forceps biopsy, biopsy urease test and dye spray£150.00£140.00
G6710Intubation of jejunum for decompression of intestine (without laparotomy)£610.00£215.00
G7100Bypass of ileum£610.00£215.00
G7250Ileoanal anastomosis and creation of pouch£2,000.00£950.00
G7402Open formation of ileostomy£610.00£200.00
G7403Laparoscopic ileostomy£610.00£220.00
G7512Revision of ileostomy - local£0.00£0.00
G7513Revision of ileostomy - laparotomy£610.00£200.00
G7530Closure of ileostomy (as sole procedure)£480.00£260.00
G7900Ileoscopy via stoma with therapy£200.00£120.00
G8080Capsule endoscopy including interpretation and evaluation£330.00£0.00
G8082Diagnostic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) and immediate colonoscopy includes forceps biopsies, biopsy test and dye spray (as sole procedure)£425.00£190.00
G8083Therapeutic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) and immediate colonoscopy includes forceps biopsies, biopsy test and dye spray (as sole procedure)£440.00£220.00
G8090Small bowel physiology studies including manometry£160.00£125.00
H0280Laparoscopic appendicectomy£500.00£260.00
H0310Drainage of abscess of appendix or drainage of intra-abdominal abscess£500.00£210.00
H0410Panproctocolectomy and ileostomy£1,510.00£640.00
H0480Abdominal revision of restorative proctocolectomy£1,510.00£525.00
H0510Total excision of colon and ileorectal anastomosis£1,150.00£475.00
H0610Extended excision of right hemicolon£820.00£400.00
H0700Right hemicolectomy£820.00£340.00
H0750Laparoscopically assisted right hemicolectomy£865.00£500.00
H0800Excision of transverse colon£820.00£240.00
H0900Excision of left hemicolon£850.00£375.00
H1000Excision of sigmoid colon£850.00£340.00
H1200Excision of lesion of colon (transabdominal)£700.00£240.00
H1300Bypass of colon£650.00£240.00
H1542Closure of colostomy£570.00£260.00
H1550Abdominal operation for Hirschsprung's disease (e.g. Duhamel, Söave and Surcuson operations)£900.00£570.00
H1581Laparoscopic colostomy and stoma formation (including revision)£650.00£275.00
H1590Open formation of colostomy£590.00£275.00
H1700Intra abdominal manipulation of colon for intussusception (as sole procedure)£590.00£210.00
H1880Laparoscopically assisted left colon resection£820.00£400.00
H2001Double Balloon Enteroscopy£475.00£180.00
H2002Diagnostic colonoscopy, includes forceps biopsy of colon and ileum£300.00£175.00
H2003Therapeutic colonoscopy with snare loop biopsy or excision of lesion£325.00£175.00
H2180Fibreoptic colonoscopy and recanalisation of tumour£500.00£150.00
H2220Endoscopic ultrasound for tumour staging, including diagnostic endoscopy£370.00£130.00
H2280CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy)£360.00£0.00
H2350Endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) of colorectal tumour£400.00£220.00
H2380Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) of colorectal tumour£400.00£180.00
H2502Diagnostic flexible sigmoidoscopy, including forceps biopsy and proctoscopy£200.00£175.00
H2503Therapeutic sigmoidoscopy with snare loop biopsy or excision of lesion£200.00£160.00
H2510Rigid sigmoidoscopy including proctoscopy and biopsy£100.00£105.00
H3010Radiological reduction of intussusception of colon using barium enema£190.00£170.00
H3310Abdominoperineal pull through resection with colo-anal anastomosis +/- colonic pouch and associated stoma£1,800.00£605.00
H3320Abdominoperineal resection of rectum and anus£1,510.00£605.00
H3322Laparoscopic abdominoperineal resection£1,900.00£610.00
H3332Anterior resection - high (i.e. colorectal anastomosis above the peritoneal reflection)£1,300.00£625.00
H3334Anterior resection - low (i.e. colorectal anastomosis at or below the peritoneal reflection)£1,510.00£645.00
H3362Hartmann's procedure£900.00£540.00
H3363Colectomy and colostomy and preservation of rectum£900.00£540.00
H3364Laparoscopic anterior resection - high (i.e. colorectal anastomosis above the peritoneal reflection)£1,510.00£625.00
H3365Laparoscopic anterior resection - low (i.e. colorectal anastomosis at or below the peritoneal reflection)£1,900.00£645.00
H3380Partial excision of rectum and sigmoid colon for prolapse£865.00£495.00
H3381Total Mesorectal Excision (TME)£0.00£0.00
H3390Reversal of Hartmann's procedure£1,200.00£540.00
H3400Open excision of lesion of rectum and colon£680.00£320.00
H3500Fixation of rectum for prolapse£650.00£340.00
H3580Laparoscopic rectopexy£690.00£340.00
H3581Robot assisted laparoscopic rectopexy£690.00£0.00
H3590Stapled transanal rectal resection (STARR) for obstructed defaecation syndrome£600.00£280.00
H4000Transanal resection for rectal cancer£600.00£220.00
H4050Endoscopic radiofrequency therapy of the anal sphincter for faecal incontinence£300.00£140.00
H4080Injection of bulking agents for faecal incontinence£160.00£120.00
H4122Transanal endoscopic microsurgery£750.00£450.00
H4130Perianal excision of lesion of rectum (including sigmoidoscopy)£300.00£220.00
H4180Full or partial thickness rectal biopsy£130.00£130.00
H4190Therapeutic High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA) in symptomatic patients (+/- biopsy or ablation of lesion of anus)£130.00£0.00
H4200Perineal repair of prolapse of rectum£560.00£250.00
H4420Faecal disimpaction£110.00£100.00
H4430Examination of rectum under anaesthetic (as sole procedure)£90.00£130.00
H4480Dilation of stricture of rectum£130.00£110.00
H4680Repair of faecal fistula£350.00£200.00
H4800Excision of lesion of anus£150.00£120.00
H4900Destruction of lesion of anus£120.00£100.00
H5020Repair of anal sphincter (including sigmoidoscopy)£500.00£220.00
H5042Primary repair of high/intermediate congenital ano-rectal anomaly£0.00£0.00
H5043Primary repair of low congenital ano-rectal anomaly£0.00£0.00
H5080Repair of anal trauma£440.00£250.00
H5100Haemorrhoidectomy (including sigmoidoscopy)£280.00£180.00
H5101Laser haemorrhoidectomy (including sigmoidoscopy)£300.00£160.00
H5120Radiofrequency ablation of haemorrhoids£0.00£0.00
H5230Injection of sclerosing substance into haemorrhoids£130.00£0.00
H5240Banding of haemorrhoids£120.00£100.00
H5250Circular Stapling Haemorrhoidectomy£300.00£150.00
H5260Low voltage treatment of internal haemorrhoids£0.00£0.00
H5400Anorectal stretch£145.00£150.00
H5510Laying open of low anal fistula (fistulotomy) +/- insertion of stitch (including sigmoidoscopy)£275.00£175.00
H5520Laying open of high anal fistula (fistulotomy) +/- insertion of stitch (including sigmoidoscopy)£420.00£210.00
H5530Closure of anal fistula using a suturable bioprosthetic or synthetic plugs£400.00£200.00
H5620Lateral sphincterotomy of anus£165.00£150.00
H5640Excision of anal fissure£145.00£150.00
H5800Drainage through perineal region (including ischio-rectal abscess) (including sigmoidoscopy)£200.00£160.00
H5940Excision of pilonidal sinus and suture/skin graft£280.00£220.00
H6020Laying open of pilonidal sinus£200.00£125.00
H6260Proctoscopy (+/- biopsy)£60.00£0.00
H6280Faecal microbiota transplant for the treatment of recurrent clostridium difficile Infection£150.00£0.00
J0200Partial hepatectomy£1,510.00£560.00
J0220Robotic assisted hemihepatectomy£0.00£0.00
J0310Resection of liver tumour£0.00£0.00
J0312Microwave ablation for primary or metastatic cancer of the liver£0.00£0.00
J0400Repair of liver (including therapeutic laparoscopic operations on liver)£790.00£330.00
J0510Open drainage of liver£370.00£200.00
J0740Open hepatectomy and ablation£0.00£0.00
J0780Radiofrequency thermocoagulation of liver with scalpel liver resection£0.00£0.00
J0781Chemosaturation therapy for primary or metastatic cancer of the liver£0.00£0.00
J0900Diagnostic laparoscopy (including any biopsy)£440.00£200.00
J1041Hepatic venous wedge pressure (HVWP)£300.00£130.00
J1140TIPS Stent tipsogram£350.00£150.00
J1300Percutaneous biopsy of lesion of liver£160.00£100.00
J1400Open puncture of liver£500.00£170.00
J1800Cholecystectomy (including mini-cholecystectomy)£610.00£380.00
J1820Cholecystectomy with exploration of common bile duct£650.00£390.00
J1830Laparoscopic cholecystectomy£700.00£425.00
J1880Laparoscopic cholecystectomy with peri-operative cholangiogram£750.00£475.00
J1900Anastomosis of gall bladder (to another viscus)£750.00£240.00
J2720Partial excision of bile duct and anastomosis of bile duct to duodenum/jejunum£925.00£500.00
J2800Excision of lesion of bile duct£690.00£335.00
J2900Anastomosis of hepatic duct£1,520.00£280.00
J3000Anastomosis of common bile duct£925.00£280.00
J3100Open introduction of prosthesis into bile duct£690.00£240.00
J3200Repair of bile duct£950.00£395.00
J3300Incision of bile duct (including exploration for calculus removal)£690.00£300.00
J3500Sphincterotomy of bile duct and pancreatic duct using duodenal approach£690.00£250.00
J3800Therapeutic ERCP without insertion of stents£500.00£170.00
J3900Therapeutic ERCP with insertion of biliary or pancreatic stent(s), sphincterotomy or stone extraction£560.00£200.00
J4300Diagnostic ERCP ( includes forceps biopsy)£370.00£175.00
J5000Percutaneous examination of bile duct£320.00£195.00
J5480Pancreatic transplant including sequential pancreatic transplant£0.00£0.00
J5481Pancreatic with kidney transplant (simultaneous pancreas SPK)£0.00£0.00
J5500Total pancreatectomy and excision of surrounding tissue£1,900.00£605.00
J5520Total pancreatectomy£1,510.00£605.00
J5610Pancreatoduodenectomy and excision of surrounding tissue (Whipple's procedure)£2,300.00£1,200.00
J5700Distal pancreatectomy£885.00£365.00
J5750Laparascopic distal pancreatectomy£900.00£340.00
J5800Excision of lesion of pancreas£650.00£365.00
J5810Irreversible electroporation of pancreatic tumors£0.00£0.00
J5900Anastomosis of pancreatic duct (to another viscus)£865.00£340.00
J6100Open drainage of lesion of pancreas£650.00£240.00
J6180Drainage of pancreatic abscess£650.00£230.00
J6200Incision of pancreas£650.00£230.00
J6300Open examination of pancreas£650.00£230.00
J6600Therapeutic percutaneous operations on pancreas£500.00£210.00
J6730Endoscopic upper gastrointestinal ultrasound, e.g. for pancreatico-biliary diagnosis/transmucosal biopsy£400.00£150.00
J6900Open splenectomy£550.00£345.00
J6980Laparoscopic splenectomy£600.00£345.00
J9900Cytoreductive surgery (Sugarbaker technique) with intraperitoneal chemotherapy£0.00£0.00
L7032Haemorrhoidal artery ligation operation (including image-guided) +/- recto anal prolapse repair£185.00£125.00
L7040Open cannulation of intra abdominal artery for infusion chemotherapy£690.00£210.00
L7710Creation of portocaval shunt£1,520.00£520.00
L7920Plication of vena cava£735.00£280.00
L7980Repair of wound of major artery or vein of abdomen (including aorta and vena cava)£690.00£420.00
T1640Repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia£865.00£650.00
T1900Simple excision of inguinal hernial sac (herniotomy) - unilateral£300.00£220.00
T1910Simple excision of inguinal hernial sac (herniotomy) - bilateral£450.00£345.00
T2000Primary repair of inguinal hernia£350.00£240.00
T2002Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia - unilateral£350.00£240.00
T2010Primary repair of inguinal hernia - bilateral£550.00£355.00
T2012Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia - bilateral£550.00£350.00
T2080Primary repair of strangulated inguinal hernia£450.00£345.00
T2100Repair of recurrent inguinal hernia£480.00£240.00
T2102Laparoscopic repair of recurrent inguinal hernia - unilateral£480.00£220.00
T2110Repair of recurrent inguinal hernia - bilateral£650.00£340.00
T2112Laparoscopic repair of recurrent inguinal hernia - bilateral£650.00£375.00
T2200Primary repair of femoral hernia£325.00£240.00
T2280Primary repair of strangulated femoral hernia£400.00£345.00
T2300Repair of recurrent femoral hernia£400.00£240.00
T2400Repair of umbilical hernia (irrespective of age)£300.00£200.00
T2500Open repair of incisional or ventral hernia not requiring mesh£360.00£270.00
T2501Open repair of incisional or ventral hernia requiring mesh£370.00£270.00
T2503Laparoscopic repair of incisional or ventral hernia not requiring mesh£350.00£240.00
T2600Repair of recurrent incisional hernia£480.00£300.00
T2620Repair of recurrent incisional or ventral hernia requiring mesh£480.00£350.00
T2640Repair of recurrent incisional or ventral hernia requiring removal of previously inserted mesh£520.00£350.00
T2720Laparoscopic repair of incisional or ventral hernia requiring mesh£350.00£240.00
T2730Repair of dorsal hernia including lumbar hernia£350.00£230.00
T2740Repair of perineal hernia including scrotal that are not inguinal£0.00£0.00
T2750Repair of sciatic hernias£0.00£0.00
T2780Component Separation Technique (CST) repair of recurrent incisional abdominal hernia +/- mesh£1,370.00£370.00
T2781Repair of epigastric hernia£300.00£240.00
T2830Resuture of previous incision in abdominal wall (burst abdomen)£320.00£185.00
T3010Laparotomy for post-operative haemorrhage£820.00£375.00
T3080Laparotomy and repair of multiple visceral trauma£1,150.00£485.00
T3410Open drainage of subphrenic abscess£560.00£210.00
T3600Wedge excision or removal of omentum (as sole procedure)£550.00£240.00
T3910Excision of retroperitoneal tumour, +/-ureterolysis£865.00£540.00
T3930Retroperitoneal abscess£370.00£210.00
T3980Excision of presacral tumour£425.00£280.00
T3990Excision of retroperitoneal neuro-endocrine lesion£865.00£500.00
T4130Freeing of adhesions of peritoneum£370.00£235.00
T4300Laparoscopic adhesiolysis (including biopsy)£370.00£210.00
T4302Open adhesiolysis (including biopsy)£370.00£210.00
T4610Paracentesis abdominis for ascites£110.00£0.00
T4680Suprapubic drainage of pelvic abscess£275.00£160.00
T7972Exploration and repair of groin disruption including repair of muscle fascia and tendors (Gilmore's groin repair)£370.00£350.00
XR330Gastric intubation under imaging control£0.00£0.00
A6530Carpal tunnel release (endoscopic)£275.00£150.00
A6740Cubital tunnel release (endoscopic) (without transposition)£0.00£0.00
A6750Cubital tunnel release (endoscopic) bilateral (without transposition)£0.00£0.00
A7340Exploration and grafting of brachial plexus£1,250.00£725.00
A8460Static single measurement of muscle compartment pressures (including reporting)£120.00£0.00
A8470Dynamic laboratory investigation involving measurement of muscle compartment pressures with manometer£170.00£0.00
S5730Surgical toilet and debridement of deep wound, including traumatic or post-operative aetiology£155.00£125.00
T5202Dupuytren's fasciectomy palm only£370.00£200.00
T5203Dupuytren's fasciectomy single digit with proximal interphalangeal joint£500.00£200.00
T5210Dupuytren's fasciectomy multiple digits with proximal interphalangeal joints£690.00£300.00
T5222Dupuytren's dermofasciectomy and graft, or for recurrent disease - single digit£735.00£375.00
T5223Dupuytren's dermofasciectomy and graft, or for recurrent disease - multiple digits£790.00£425.00
T5230Excision plantar fibroma£230.00£190.00
T5250Endoscopic plantar fascia release£610.00£190.00
T5410Dupuytren's subcutaneous fasciotomy£230.00£150.00
T5540Fasciotomy of limb£560.00£240.00
T5780Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis£120.00£0.00
T5900Excision of ganglion£300.00£140.00
T6000Repeat excision of ganglion£300.00£150.00
T6213Soft tissue operations in the region of the greater trochanter (trochanteric bursitis, snapping hip)£230.00£125.00
T6220Excision of bursa£230.00£150.00
T6290Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for refractory greater trochanteric pain syndrome£120.00£0.00
T6402Tendon transfer of hand - single£320.00£175.00
T6410Tendon transfer of hand - multiple (e.g. for radial nerve injury)£690.00£190.00
T6450Tenodesis of biceps tendon (as sole procedure)£320.00£150.00
T6460Tendon transfer of toe - unilateral£320.00£150.00
T6461Tendon transfer of toe - bilateral£500.00£200.00
T6462Excision or partial excision of IP joint of lesser toe with tendon transfer£500.00£150.00
T6580Tendon graft, as sole procedure (not otherwise specified)£425.00£150.00
T6710Primary repair of extensor of hand£425.00£150.00
T6720Tendo Achilles lengthening percutaneous£370.00£160.00
T6722Tendo Achilles lengthening primary open£370.00£160.00
T6723Tendo Achilles lengthening repeat procedure£370.00£160.00
T6750Primary repair of flexor of hand (excluding Zone II)£560.00£135.00
T6752Primary repair of flexor of hand in Zone II£560.00£125.00
T6762Repair of tendon of foot - flexor£200.00£155.00
T6763Repair of tendon of foot - extensor£155.00£155.00
T6770Peroneal sling/groove reconstruction & replacment of dislocated peroneal tendons£425.00£125.00
T6780Primary repair of Achilles tendon£425.00£200.00
T6782Repair of distal biceps tendon£425.00£150.00
T6800Delayed or secondary repair of tendon (including graft, transfer and/or prosthesis) (not otherwise specified)£610.00£190.00
T6810Secondary repair of Achilles tendon£735.00£245.00
T6820Secondary repair or reconstruction of extensor of hand/forearm£500.00£155.00
T6822Delayed or secondary repair of Achilles tendon with tendon or fascial graft£760.00£245.00
T6830Secondary repair or 1st stage reconstruction of flexor of hand£610.00£200.00
T6832Second stage reconstruction of flexor of hand£610.00£165.00
T6910Tenolysis, of extensor (not otherwise specified)£370.00£150.00
T6914Tenolysis of extensor tendon of hand£370.00£125.00
T6980Tenolysis, of flexor tendon (not otherwise specified)£500.00£150.00
T6982Tenolysis of flexor tendon of hand£500.00£155.00
T7010Percutaneous tenotomy£130.00£100.00
T7050Lengthening of tendon(s) or open tenotomy£370.00£175.00
T7230Release of constriction of sheath of tendon (e.g. trigger finger)£320.00£165.00
T7250Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for achilles tendonitis£120.00£0.00
T7440Injection into cord for Dupuytren’s Contracture (including post injection finger extension)£275.00£125.00
T7480Extracorporeal shockwave therapy of calcific tendonitis of the shoulder£120.00£0.00
T7481Autologous blood injection for tendinopathy with/without dry needling and ultrasound guidance£130.00£0.00
T7490Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for refactory proximal hamstring tendinopathy£120.00£0.00
T7910Open subacromial decompression and rotator cuff repair +/- excision of distal clavicle£760.00£420.00
T7915Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair greater than 2cm£790.00£575.00
T7930Repair of abductor mechanism of hip£230.00£220.00
T7981Extensive, greater than 2cm tear repair of large muscle including arthroscopic (excluding rotator cuff)£650.00£300.00
T7982Arthroscopic subacromial decompression and rotator cuff repair (including arthroscopic procedures in glenohumeral joint)£650.00£400.00
T7983Open subacromial decompression and rotator cuff repair£610.00£420.00
T7990Revision of open or arthroscopic rotator cuff repair +/- decompression£790.00£350.00
T8002Minor release of muscle for pain or contracture (involving small joint)£270.00£200.00
T8003Major release of muscle for pain or contracture (e.g. Quadriceps) (involving large joint)£370.00£200.00
T8050Surgical release of humeral epicondylitis (lateral or medial) (e.g. "Tennis Elbow")£370.00£200.00
T8052Extracorporeal shockwave therapy of lateral epicondylitis£120.00£0.00
T8100Open biopsy of muscle or soft tissue lesion£185.00£125.00
W0110Toe to hand transfer (as sole procedure) including closure of secondary defect£1,150.00£450.00
W0120Pollicisation of finger for thumb reconstruction£1,150.00£300.00
W0282Total excision of trapezium£760.00£375.00
W0283Total excision of trapezium with spacer£790.00£375.00
W0284Total excision of trapezium and ligament reconstruction£790.00£375.00
W0285Trapezio-metacarpal joint surface replacement£790.00£325.00
W0300Multiple procedures on forefoot, distal to and including the tarsometatarsal joints, which involves at least two distinct procedures not intrinsic to each other£690.00£280.00
W0310Multiple procedures on forefoot, distal to and including the tarsometatarsal joints, which involves at least two distinct procedures not intrinsic to each other - bilateral£950.00£400.00
W0321Osteotomy/ies (eg Scarf and Akin) for Hallux Valgus correction with or without internal fixation and soft tissue correction£610.00£300.00
W0322Osteotomy/ies (eg Scarf and Akin) for Hallux Valgus correction with or without internal fixation and soft tissue correction - bilateral£925.00£375.00
W0330Fusion of first metatarso-phalangeal joint£500.00£220.00
W0380Fusion of first metatarso-phalangeal joint - bilateral£725.00£375.00
W0390MTP I Joint (metatarsophalangeal joint inter) resurfacing arthroplasty with implant (eg Salu-Cartilage)£560.00£240.00
W0420Triple fusion of joints of hindfoot without autogenous graft£760.00£275.00
W0422Triple fusion of joints of hindfoot with autogenous graft£820.00£305.00
W0432Isolated subtalar fusion or mid foot fusion with autogenous graft (adult)£820.00£275.00
W0434Isolated sub talar fusion or mid foot fusion without autogenous graft (adult)£760.00£275.00
W0460Complex procedure to mid foot or hindfoot without autogenous bone graft (osteotomy/fusion +/- tendon transfers)£820.00£315.00
W0462Complex procedure to mid foot or hindfoot with autogenous bone graft (osteotomy/fusion +/- tendon transfers/fixation)£925.00£315.00
W0463Complex procedure to mid foot and hindfoot without autogenous graft (osteotomy/fusion +/- tendon transfers/fixation)£865.00£375.00
W0464Complex procedure to mid foot and hindfoot with autogenous graft (osteotomy/fusion +/- tendon transfers, fixation)£1,150.00£375.00
W0512Interpositional silastic arthroplasty of MCP/PIP joint- single£610.00£135.00
W0513Interpositional silastic arthroplasty of MCP/PIP joints - multiple£690.00£155.00
W0514Prosthetic surface arthroplasty of interphalangeal/ metacarpo-phalangeal joint - single joint (both cemented and uncemented)£610.00£155.00
W0600Total excision of bone with or without prosthetic replacement/reconstruction (eg trapezium)£760.00£300.00
W0610Total excision of cervical rib£690.00£400.00
W0632Prosthetic patello-femoral replacement (as sole procedure)£865.00£450.00
W0633Prosthetic replacement of Patellofemoral joint - bilateral£1,250.00£750.00
W0640Total excision of sesamoid bone£230.00£145.00
W0700Excision of ectopic bone£200.00£145.00
W0702Excision of ectopic bone around a total hip replacement£200.00£125.00
W0850Partial excision of bone (including exostoses)£310.00£180.00
W0860Metatarso-phalangeal cheilectomy - unilateral, as sole procedure£500.00£175.00
W0861Metatarso-phalangeal cheilectomy - bilateral, as sole procedure£820.00£240.00
W0881Excision of joint of toe with release of contracture and soft tissue correction£400.00£300.00
W0890Excision distal clavicle, as sole procedure£500.00£220.00
W0951Radical clearance of sarcoma of head and neck necessitating flap reconstruction£1,100.00£500.00
W0960Excision of benign tumour of bone with bone grafting£865.00£375.00
W0961Radical clearance of benign bone tumour with reconstruction +/- insertion of prosthesis£900.00£350.00
W1040Osteotomy of short bone of foot (excluding hallux valgus and including internal fixation)£560.00£225.00
W1080Osteotomy of long bone, with/without fixation, including graft£650.00£414.00
W1320Osteotomy of proximal femur£820.00£330.00
W1380Arthroscopic femoro-acetabular surgery for hip impingement syndrome£1,000.00£500.00
W1390Open femoro-acetabular surgery for hip impingement syndrome£925.00£500.00
W1590Correction of retracted/dislocated metatarso-phangeal joint including tendon transfer, division/realignment of bone and internal fixation£610.00£375.00
W1640Simple pelvic osteotomy and fixation, e.g. Salter or Chiari osteotomies£1,150.00£675.00
W1641Osteotomy of short bone of hand (including fixation and bone grafting)£370.00£225.00
W1642Open reduction/internal fixation of posterior rim of acetabulum£1,150.00£650.00
W1643Open reduction/internal fixation of either posterior wall/column of acetabulum or anterior column of acetabulum£1,150.00£650.00
W1644Open reduction/internal fixation of both columns of acetabulum£1,900.00£650.00
W1645Open reduction/internal fixation plus bone graft symphysis pubis£1,150.00£650.00
W1646Open reduction/internal fixation of sacro-iliac joint£1,150.00£650.00
W1647Open reduction/internal fixation of fractures of the greater trochanter, including fixation of non-union of greater trochanter after trochanteric osteotomy£735.00£275.00
W1648Osteotomy/transfer of greater trochanter as sole procedure£925.00£275.00
W1649Complex pelvic osteotomies and fixation, e.g. triple osteotomy, peri-acetabular osteotomy£1,520.00£900.00
W1660Tibial osteotomy£650.00£250.00
W1700Shelf augmentation of acetabulum (Wainwright or Trillat)£790.00£500.00
W1800Drainage/debridement of bone(s), including sequestrectomy for osteomyelitis£425.00£185.00
W1910Primary reduction of fracture of neck of femur and internal fixation£735.00£265.00
W1911Core decompression of hip£735.00£350.00
W1912Pinning of head of femur - open or percutaneous (e.g. slipped femoral epiphysis, undisplaced neck fracture)£735.00£275.00
W1913Pinning for bilateral slipped upper femoral epiphysis£820.00£380.00
W1920Primary open reduction of long bone with fixation£650.00£300.00
W1940Primary open reduction of short bone with fixation (including intra-articular)£610.00£220.00
W2100Primary open reduction of intra-articular fracture of long bone with internal fixation, eg proximal humerus or proximal tibia (with or without arthroscopic assistance)£690.00£275.00
W2300Secondary open reduction of fracture of short bone (including intra-articular fracture for delayed/non-union and including bone graft)£690.00£185.00
W2310Secondary open reduction of fractured long bone-and intramedullary fixation or internal fixation for non-union/mal union - including intra-articular (including bone graft)£735.00£250.00
W2380Locked intramedullary nailing of fractured long bone£865.00£285.00
W2500Closed reduction of fracture of long bone with external fixation (excluding fixation by cast or percutaneous K-wires)£560.00£245.00
W2502Closed reduction of fracture of long bone, including cast or percutaneous K-wires£560.00£250.00
W2580Closed reduction of fracture of short bone with external fixator£275.00£175.00
W2582Closed reduction of fracture of short bone (including cast or percutaneous K-wires)£275.00£175.00
W2700Fixation of epiphysis, including epiphysiodesis, correction of angular deformity£370.00£240.00
W2702Epiphysiolysis (eg Langenskiold procedure)£370.00£195.00
W2810Repair of non-union of clavicle£650.00£240.00
W2830Removal of internal fixation from bone / joint, excluding K-wires£425.00£200.00
W2910Application of skeletal traction to bone£185.00£160.00
W2930Removal of skeletal traction from bone£130.00£95.00
W3010Application of external fixation to bone£600.00£155.00
W3020Adjustments to IIizarov frame/rings£550.00£175.00
W3030Removal of external fixation from bone£185.00£110.00
W3032Removal of fixator/frame/pins/wires and change of plaster£200.00£145.00
W3040Application of IIizarov frame for secondary non-union / mal-union including osteotomy£1,900.00£470.00
W3050Adjustments to pin sites secondary for non-union / mal-union£370.00£0.00
W3090Core decompression of knee£735.00£350.00
W3100Bone graft (as sole procedure)£500.00£170.00
W3110Osteochondral grafting as a single stage procedure£925.00£340.00
W3111Autologous collagen induced chondrogenesis (ACIC) or autologous matrix induced chondrogenesis (AMIC)£1,150.00£0.00
W3122Harvesting for autologous chondrocyte transplantation into knee - including arthroscopy£400.00£300.00
W3200Open reduction and internal fixation of cancellous bone graft scaphoid nonunion£610.00£220.00
W3202Open reduction and internal fixation wedge reconstruction bone graft scaphoid nonunion£610.00£225.00
W3203Early open reduction and internal fixation of scaphoid fracture, i.e. within 6 weeks of fracture£550.00£180.00
W3410Grafting of bone marrow£1,400.00£560.00
W3530Removal of percutaneous wire£130.00£140.00
W3620Open bone biopsy as sole procedure£230.00£135.00
W3622Needle biopsy of bone as sole procedure£185.00£150.00
W3650Diagnostic aspiration and trephine biopsy of bone marrow, including analysis£185.00£180.00
W3712Primary total hip replacement with or without cement£900.00£500.00
W3713Complex primary total hip replacement (including bone grafting or femoral osteotomy)£1,000.00£520.00
W3715Hip resurfacing arthroplasty£900.00£500.00
W3716Minimally invasive hip replacement (2 incisions)£900.00£500.00
W3717Minimally invasive hip replacement (one incision)£900.00£500.00
W3718Minimally invasive hip resurfacing£900.00£500.00
W3719Hip resurfacing arthroplasty bilateral£1,700.00£750.00
W3720Robotic assisted total hip replacement£0.00£0.00
W3732Revision of uncemented or cemented total hip replacement without adjunctive procedures£1,300.00£775.00
W3733Revision of total hip replacement including insertion of reconstruction rings, plates, screws, etc, and/or impaction bone grafting to acetabulum and/or femur£1,600.00£800.00
W3734Second, third or further revision total hip replacement or proximal femoral replacement (excluding acetabular liner and head changes)£1,900.00£800.00
W3780Total prosthetic replacement of the hip, with or without cement, bilateral£1,700.00£750.00
W3942Removal of total hip replacement and creating a pseudarthrosis£865.00£450.00
W3943Removal of total hip replacement and complete clearance of cement£1,300.00£650.00
W3944Acetabular liner and head changes£1,000.00£610.00
W3945Open reduction and internal fixation for periprosthetic fracture around hip£735.00£275.00
W4200Complex primary total knee replacement (i.e. including bone graft, augmentation or osteotomy)£1,150.00£540.00
W4210Total prosthetic replacement of knee joint, with or without cement, +/- patella£925.00£500.00
W4212Minimally invasive knee replacement£1,050.00£500.00
W4214Customised unicompartmental knee replacement£0.00£0.00
W4216Customised bicompartmental knee replacement£0.00£0.00
W4218Customised total prosthetic replacement of knee joint£0.00£0.00
W4230Revision of total replacement of knee joint£1,600.00£775.00
W42402 stage revision of total knee replacement for infection - first stage£1,600.00£775.00
W42422 stage revision of total knee replacement for infection - second stage£1,600.00£775.00
W4280Total prosthetic replacement of knee joint - bilateral£1,600.00£750.00
W4410Total prosthetic replacement of ankle joint£900.00£380.00
W4420Complex total replacement of ankle (i.e. including custom prosthesis, wedges, internal fixation of fractures)£1,150.00£380.00
W4430Revision of total prosthetic replacement of ankle joint£1,520.00£460.00
W4441Harvesting for autologous chondrocyte transplantation into ankle£400.00£240.00
W4442Implantation of autologous chondrocyte into ankle£790.00£240.00
W4542Open reduction, internal fixation and revision of femoral component for periprosthetic fracture£865.00£200.00
W4543Open reduction, internal fixation and complete revision for periprosthetic fracture£925.00£220.00
W4600Prosthetic replacement of head of femur£690.00£350.00
W4900Shoulder hemiarthroplasty, as sole procedure£735.00£450.00
W4902Shoulder hemiarthroplasty with reconstruction for fracture£820.00£450.00
W4920Conversion of hemiarthroplasty to total shoulder replacement£925.00£500.00
W4930Revisional shoulder hemiarthroplasty£820.00£450.00
W4940Scapulo-thoracic fusion£735.00£225.00
W5000Primary total shoulder replacement£925.00£360.00
W5030Revision total shoulder replacement£1,520.00£540.00
W5040Replacement of elbow and shoulder (single operation)£1,900.00£1,000.00
W5050Reverse polarity arthroplasty of shoulder£1,150.00£465.00
W5200Unicompartmental knee replacement£925.00£380.00
W5201Unicompartmental Knee Replacement - bilateral£1,600.00£750.00
W5210Revision of unicompartmental knee replacement£1,180.00£420.00
W5300Bicompartmental knee resurfacing£925.00£500.00
W5310Total prosthetic replacement of wrist joint£790.00£235.00
W5502Interposition arthroplasty of elbow£670.00£235.00
W5510Total prosthetic replacement of elbow£925.00£430.00
W5512Prosthetic replacement of radial head£925.00£450.00
W5520Revisional prosthetic replacement of elbow£1,520.00£470.00
W5540Debridement of infected total joint replacement£610.00£325.00
W5550Excision of radial head (as sole procedure)£550.00£235.00
W5560OK (Outerbridge and Kashiwagi) procedure£610.00£300.00
W5600Primary repair of rupture of acromioclavicular or sternoclavicular joint +/- internal fixation£760.00£440.00
W5630Secondary repair of acromioclavicular or sternoclavicular joint +/- internal fixation£790.00£240.00
W5700Excision arthroplasty of first metatarso-phalangeal joint with prosthetic implantation or interposition arthroplasty£560.00£220.00
W5701Excision arthroplasty of first metatarso-phalangeal joint with prosthetic implantation or interposition arthroplasty - bilateral£925.00£400.00
W5710Excision arthroplasty of first metatarso-phalangeal joint, (e.g. Keller, Bonney-Kessel procedures) including cheilectomy£370.00£175.00
W5722Excision reconstruction of small joint£500.00£210.00
W5723Excision reconstruction of large joint£560.00£225.00
W5780Excision arthroplasty of first metatarso-phalangeal joint, (e.g. Keller, Bonney-Kessel procedures) including cheilectomy - bilateral£610.00£325.00
W5790Repair to plantar plate£530.00£240.00
W5800Conversion of a unicompartmental knee replacement to a total replacement of knee joint£1,180.00£420.00
W5820Robotic assisted unicompartmental knee replacement£0.00£0.00
W5830Robotic assisted total knee replacement£0.00£0.00
W5920Fusion of first metatarso-phalangeal joint with bone grafting +/- internal fixation (as sole procedure)£0.00£0.00
W5930Fusion of digit joint(s) of hand with or without graft & with or without internal fixation£320.00£200.00
W5940Fusion of interphalangeal joint(s) of toe (including internal fixation)£320.00£165.00
W5980Fusion of interphalangeal joint(s) of toe (including internal fixation) - bilateral£560.00£275.00
W6012Primary arthrodesis of joint with or without graft & with or without internal fixation - shoulder£790.00£350.00
W6013Primary arthrodesis of hip joint with or without graft & with or without internal fixation - hip£790.00£350.00
W6014Primary arthrodesis of knee joint with or without graft & with or without internal fixation£790.00£350.00
W6015Ankle arthrodesis - open£690.00£230.00
W6016Ankle arthrodesis with autogenous graft£760.00£250.00
W6017Ankle arthrodesis with internal fixation (arthroscopic)£790.00£400.00
W6018Ankle arthrodesis - revision, including conversion from total ankle replacement£925.00£260.00
W6019Ankle syndesmosis reconstruction£1,000.00£600.00
W6030Revision or conversion to arthrodesis of shoulder£865.00£240.00
W6200Total fusion of all joints of wrist with or without graft & with or without internal fixation£735.00£240.00
W6202Partial fusion of wrist£650.00£375.00
W6230Vascular implantation to carpal bone£790.00£400.00
W6522Primary open reduction of dislocation of small joint£610.00£200.00
W6523Primary open reduction of dislocation of large joint£650.00£240.00
W6540Open reduction of dislocated hip prosthesis£650.00£285.00
W6600Closed reduction of dislocated hip prosthesis£320.00£150.00
W6630Primary closed reduction of fracture or dislocation of joint, with or without fixation including cast application£320.00£150.00
W6702Secondary open reduction of dislocation of small joint£275.00£150.00
W6703Secondary open reduction of dislocation of large joint£275.00£170.00
W6912Total synovectomy of small joint£500.00£195.00
W6913Total synovectomy of large joint£560.00£420.00
W6960Needle biopsy of synovium£110.00£100.00
W7400Reconstruction of one or two ligaments not elsewhere specified£500.00£200.00
W7410Mutiple ligament reconstruction of knee including posterior cruciate ligament£1,150.00£475.00
W7420Autograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (including arthroscopic and meniscectomy)£865.00£420.00
W7430Reconstruction of lateral collateral ligament complex£760.00£275.00
W7440Allograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction£865.00£440.00
W74512 stage revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - first stage£600.00£250.00
W74522 stage revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - second stage£750.00£320.00
W7470Revision of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction£1,000.00£440.00
W7480Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (including arthroscopic)£820.00£400.00
W7482Scaphoid lunate ligament reconstruction£790.00£330.00
W7483Triquetrolunate ligament reconstruction£790.00£230.00
W7484Reconstruction of three or more ligaments not elsewhere specified£790.00£225.00
W7485Small joint (e.g. interphalangeal/ metacarpo-phalangeal joint) ligament reconstruction£650.00£220.00
W7486Carpo-metacarpal joint ligament reconstruction£650.00£200.00
W7490Reconstruction of posterior lateral corner of knee£500.00£250.00
W7492Open/arthroscopic lateral release£500.00£200.00
W7500Prosthetic open repair of ligament£500.00£180.00
W7530Repair of lateral collateral ligament complex£610.00£165.00
W7580Open surgical stabilisation of patella, including soft tissue/tendon transfer or release, +/- application of cast (adult)£790.00£315.00
W7582Open surgical stabilisation of patella, including soft tissue/tendon transfer or release, +/- application of cast (child)£790.00£315.00
W7583Repair of patellar/quadricep tendon£500.00£240.00
W7713Primary stabilisation of multi-directional instability of shoulder joint +/- tendon repair£750.00£400.00
W7714Primary open or arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation procedure (including labral/SLAP/tendon repair)£690.00£270.00
W7715Coracoid bone block transfer for recurrent instability of shoulder (Bristow-Latarjet procedure)£865.00£420.00
W7761Repair of hip labral tear£580.00£240.00
W7780Revision stabilisation of shoulder joint£760.00£420.00
W7810Open arthrolysis of shoulder contracture +/- manipulation/injection£650.00£325.00
W7850Open arthrolysis of elbow£560.00£340.00
W7860Arthroscopic arthrolysis of elbow (as sole procedure)£610.00£240.00
W7872Arthroscopic arthrolysis of shoulder contracture +/- manipulation/injection£690.00£360.00
W7880Open or arthroscopic release of ankle joint contracture (excluding Achilles tendon lengthening)£550.00£220.00
W7881Release of contracture of interphalangeal joint of finger (excluding trigger finger or Dupuytren’s disease)£320.00£200.00
W7900Excision of medial eminence 1st or 5th MT head with soft tissue repair (bunionectomy)£230.00£150.00
W7910Metatarsal osteotomy (eg Scarf) for Hallux valgus, +/- internal fixation and soft tissue correction£610.00£265.00
W7980Metatarsal osteotomy (eg Scarf) for hallux valgus, +/- internal fixation and soft tissue correction-bilateral£690.00£475.00
W8100Open excision of calcific deposit (e.g. shoulder, hip)£185.00£150.00
W8150Arthrotomy of large joint, including removal of loose body from joint£370.00£150.00
W8180Arthrotomy of small joint, including removal of loose body from joint£230.00£125.00
W8193Arthroscopic subacromial decompression£610.00£400.00
W8194Arthroscopic sub-acromial decompression and excision of distal clavicle (including arthroscopic procedures in glenohumeral joint)£650.00£425.00
W8200Arthroscopic meniscectomy (including debridement)£575.00£300.00
W8230Arthroscopic meniscal repair£675.00£300.00
W8240Meniscal allograft transplantation£850.00£350.00
W8250Partial replacement of the meniscus of the knee using a biodegradable scaffold£610.00£500.00
W8280Arthroscopic meniscectomy (including debridement) - bilateral£800.00£425.00
W8300Therapeutic arthroscopy operation on articular cartilage (other than W8200 and W8230) (as sole procedure)£370.00£275.00
W8370Autologous scaffold insertion for repairing symptomatic chondral knee defects (including microfracture)£0.00£0.00
W8380Therapeutic arthroscopy operation on articular cartilage (other than W8200) - bilateral (as sole procedure)£610.00£400.00
W8400Repair of knee ligaments (open or arthroscopic)£610.00£200.00
W8500Multiple arthroscopic operation on knee (including meniscectomy, chondroplasty, drilling or microfracture)£575.00£375.00
W8520Arthroscopy of knee (including examination under anaesthetic, washout and biopsy) (as sole procedure)£525.00£260.00
W8580Multiple arthroscopic operation on knee (including meniscectomy, chondroplasty, drilling or microfracture) - bilateral£690.00£425.00
W8600Therapeutic arthroscopy operation on cavity of joint (not otherwise specified) (as sole procedure)£550.00£265.00
W8602Therapeutic arthroscopy of wrist joint (as sole procedure)£550.00£300.00
W8603Therapeutic arthroscopy of shoulder (as sole procedure)£550.00£245.00
W8620Therapeutic arthroscopy examination of hip joint, +/- biopsy£820.00£335.00
W8630Simple therapeutic arthroscopy of ankle with either soft tissue procedures or bony procedures +/- or joint surface procedures (as sole procedure)£550.00£245.00
W8640Complex therapeutic arthroscopy of ankle, with multiple bony, joint surface and soft tissue procedures£575.00£315.00
W8650Therapeutic subtalar arthroscopy including synovectomy to gain vision£475.00£315.00
W8680Therapeutic arthroscopy operation on cavity of joint - bilateral (not otherwise specified) (as sole procedure)£750.00£400.00
W8700Diagnostic arthroscopic examination of joint, with or without biopsy (not otherwise specified) (as sole procedure)£275.00£240.00
W8780Diagnostic arthroscopic examination of joint, with or without biopsy - bilateral (not otherwise specified) (as sole procedure)£425.00£240.00
W8782Flexible arthroscopy, +/- biopsy (as sole procedure)£0.00£0.00
W8800Diagnostic arthroscopic examination of hip joint including wash-out, with or without biopsy (as sole procedure)£690.00£300.00
W8820Diagnostic arthroscopic examination of shoulder joint, with or without biopsy (as sole procedure)£300.00£240.00
W8830Diagnostic arthroscopic examination of wrist joint, with or without biopsy (as sole procedure)£275.00£240.00
W8840Diagnostic arthroscopic examination of ankle, including anterior synovectomy to gain vision (as sole procedure)£275.00£240.00
W8850Diagnostic subtalar arthroscopy including synovectomy to gain vision (as sole procedure)£320.00£160.00
W8880Arthroscopy of elbow (as sole procedure)£550.00£240.00
W9017Yttrium joint injection (with radioactive precautions)£130.00£110.00
W9018Percutaneous biopsy/ arthrography/ aspiration in assessment of total hip replacement£120.00£100.00
W9020Dynamic arthrogram of joint£120.00£110.00
W9030One or two Injections, +/- aspiration, into joint(s), cyst, bursa or soft tissue, with image guidance£150.00£140.00
W9031Three or more Injections, +/- aspiration, into joint(s), cyst, bursa or soft tissue, with image guidance£175.00£170.00
W9032Injection of viscosupplement into joint with image guidance£180.00£0.00
W9033Injections of viscosupplement into joints with image guidance - bilateral£235.00£0.00
W9040Injection(s), +/- aspiration, into joint(s), cyst, bursa or soft tissue£100.00£100.00
W9042Injection of viscosupplement into joint.£120.00£0.00
W9043Injections of viscosupplement into joints - bilateral£180.00£0.00
W9045Injection(s) +/- aspiration, into two or more joints, cysts, bursae or soft tissue.£120.00£100.00
W9050Shoulder hydrodistension +/- image guidance£150.00£140.00
W9111Manipulation of joint (including intra-articular injection) for “Frozen Shoulder” (as sole procedure) – bilateral£225.00£150.00
W9112Manipulation of joint (including intra-articular injection) for "Frozen Shoulder" (as sole procedure)£150.00£130.00
W9170Manipulation of foot/ankle joint under local anaesthetic +/- injection (as a sole procedure)£0.00£0.00
W9240Examination/ manipulation of joint under general anaesthetic +/- injection +/- arthrogram (as sole procedure)£110.00£125.00
W9282Joint fluid examination (e.g. polarising microscopy) performed by consultant including aspiration of fluid£110.00£100.00
X0710Forequarter amputation£1,050.00£325.00
X0720Disarticulation of shoulder£800.00£380.00
X0750Amputation of arm£500.00£250.00
X0810Amputation of hand£480.00£180.00
X0820Partial amputation of digit£300.00£180.00
X0822Amputation of whole ray£320.00£180.00
X0880Amputation through mid-carpal/transmetacarpal£320.00£135.00
X0910Hindquarter amputation£1,150.00£390.00
X0930Amputation of leg/foot (including Symes Lisfranc & Chopart)£650.00£260.00
X1110Amputation of toe£320.00£170.00
X1900Correction of congenital deformity shoulder/upper arm£725.00£185.00
X2130Release of joined/fused digit(s)£450.00£145.00
X2200Closed reduction and Frog POP for congenital dislocation of hip (including dynamic arthrogram, traction and soft tissue release)£750.00£285.00
X2260Open reduction and Frog POP for congenital dislocation of hip (including traction and innominate/femoral ostetotomy)£1,150.00£600.00
X2262Complex open reduction for congenital dislocation of hip (i.e. pelvic & femoral or Pemberton osteotomy or revision of open reduction)£1,520.00£1,000.00
X2280Manipulation of hip and casting (as sole procedure)£300.00£120.00
X2700Correction of Minor congenital deformity of foot£250.00£155.00
X2780Correction of Minor congenital deformity of foot - bilateral£375.00£265.00
X4810Change of cast without general anaesthetic£100.00£0.00
X4822Change of cast under general anaesthetic£150.00£105.00
A0180Excision of abscess of brain£1,520.00£630.00
A0200Excision of lesion of tissue of brain£1,900.00£835.00
A0260Excision of arteriovenous malformation from vessels of brain£2,240.00£1,000.00
A0280Awake craniotomy with ablation of lesion of brain with or without cortical mapping/stereotaxy£1,900.00£1,200.00
A0300Stereotactic ablation of tissue of brain£1,150.00£585.00
A0310Stereotactic biopsy of lesion or tissue of brain£1,150.00£460.00
A0400Open biopsy of lesion of tissue of brain£1,150.00£470.00
A0900Implantation of neurostimulator to brain£0.00£0.00
A0901Removal of neurostimulator from brain£690.00£0.00
A0920Replacement of neurostimulator to brain£0.00£0.00
A0980Deep brain stimulation£1,900.00£1,000.00
A1060Fiducial placement£250.00£145.00
A1070Stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), first/sole session using Cyberknife or similar SRT technology£1,400.00£0.00
A1080Stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), second to fifth sessions, including adjustments, using Cyberknife or similar SRT technology£180.00£0.00
A1220Creation of ventriculovascular anastomosis£650.00£290.00
A1240Creation of ventriculoperitoneal shunt£650.00£375.00
A1250Creation of subcutaneous cerebrospinal fluid reservoir£650.00£400.00
A1300Maintenance of cerebroventricular shunt£500.00£260.00
A1430Removal of cerebroventricular shunt£425.00£200.00
A1440Irrigation of cerebroventricular shunt£200.00£200.00
A1700Therapeutic endoscopic operations on ventricle of brain (including examination and biopsy of lesion)£820.00£290.00
A2080Ventricular puncture (as sole procedure)£185.00£150.00
A2210Drainage of subarachnoid space of brain£500.00£180.00
A2220Puncture of cistern of brain£185.00£145.00
A2223Cerebral angiogram£325.00£275.00
A2500Intracranial transection of cranial nerve£1,900.00£855.00
A2600Other intracranial destruction of cranial nerve£1,900.00£855.00
A2900Excision of lesion of cranial nerve (intracranial)£2,240.00£1,000.00
A2954Excision of acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma) - tumours managed by combined oto-neurosurgical team irrespective of tumour size£2,240.00£1,000.00
A3000Repair of cranial nerve (intracranial)£1,900.00£550.00
A3200Decompression of cranial nerve (craniotomy)£1,900.00£625.00
A3300Implantation of neurostimulator to cranial nerve£690.00£240.00
A3320Replacement of neurostimulator to cranial nerve£0.00£0.00
A3330Removal of neurostimulator from cranial nerve£610.00£160.00
A3380Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression£0.00£0.00
A3680Excision of cerebellopontine angle tumour£2,240.00£885.00
A3810Excision of lesion of meninges of brain£2,000.00£900.00
A3830Operation for arachnoidal cyst£1,150.00£420.00
A3900Repair of dura£925.00£450.00
A4010Evacuation of extradural haematoma£925.00£470.00
A4080Craniotomy - post-operative haemorrhage£865.00£420.00
A4110Evacuation of subdural haematoma or abscess£1,150.00£520.00
A4180Subdural haemorrhage - tap£110.00£145.00
A4280Intracranial infection : burrhole£610.00£220.00
A4820Replacement of neurostimulator to spinal cord£0.00£0.00
A6300Graft to peripheral nerve£760.00£295.00
A6302Graft to major nerve£760.00£220.00
A7013Placement of tined lead neurostimulator not at time of permanent implant£0.00£0.00
A8300Electro-convulsive therapy£120.00£85.00
B0100Open hypophysectomy (including total)£1,900.00£555.00
B0210Cryotherapy to pituitary gland£820.00£295.00
B0410Transsphenoidal hypophysectomy (including total)£1,900.00£650.00
B0610Excision of pineal gland£2,000.00£555.00
L3320Clipping of cerebral artery aneurysm£2,000.00£725.00
L3380Reinforcement of aneurysm of cerebral artery£2,000.00£640.00
L3400Open operations on cerebral artery£2,000.00£640.00
V0110Reconstructive cranioplasty£925.00£420.00
V0130Surgery for craniostenosis (single suture)£925.00£245.00
V0180Surgery for craniostenosis (more than one suture)£1,150.00£470.00
V0310Exploratory open craniotomy£865.00£410.00
V0330Exploratory burrhole of cranium£500.00£330.00
V0383Lateral petrosectomy (for tumour)£1,150.00£610.00
V0390Foramen magnum decompression£1,520.00£460.00
V0510Excision of lesion of cranium£690.00£275.00
V0530Elevation of depressed fracture of cranium£865.00£250.00
V0580Repair of compound fracture of cranium£925.00£480.00
B1690Mediastinal parathyroidectomy with sternotomy£865.00£280.00
B2700Subcutaneous mastectomy with immediate implant£0.00£0.00
B2710Radical mastectomy including block dissection£0.00£0.00
B2742Modified radical mastectomy including lymph node sampling£0.00£0.00
B2743Modified radical mastectomy excluding lymph node sampling£0.00£0.00
B2744Modified radical mastectomy including lymph node clearance£650.00£325.00
B2752Subcutaneous mastectomy£0.00£0.00
B2760Skin/nipple sparing mastectomy (including axillary node biopsy)£700.00£320.00
B2780Simple mastectomy (including axillary node biopsy) – unilateral£525.00£275.00
B2782Prophylactic mastectomy - unilateral£525.00£275.00
B2783Prophylactic mastectomy - bilateral£900.00£350.00
B2784Mastectomy for gynaecomastia - unilateral£425.00£225.00
B2785Mastectomy for gynaecomastia - bilateral£700.00£365.00
B2800Excision of breast lump/fibroadenoma£320.00£190.00
B2820Wide local excision of breast +/- local mobilisation of glandular breast tissue to fill surgical cavity£400.00£285.00
B2821Wide local excision of lesion of breast (bilateral)£600.00£230.00
B2830Re-excision of lesion of breast if resection margins are not clear (as sole procedure)£320.00£175.00
B2831Re-excision of lesion of breast if resection margins are not clear with local mobilisation£320.00£175.00
B2880Excision biopsy of breast lesion after localisation£400.00£285.00
B2890Ultrasound guided interstitial laser ablation of breast lesion£450.00£160.00
B2912Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using latissimus dorsi£1,700.00£450.00
B2913Reconstruction of breast using latissimus dorsi including implantation of prosthesis (including delayed reconstruction)£1,000.00£450.00
B2914Mastectomy followed by immediate Deep Inferior Epigastric Flap (DIEP) reconstruction - bilateral£0.00£0.00
B2915Reconstruction of breast using extended latissimus dorsi flap (delayed reconstruction)£0.00£0.00
B2916Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using extended latissimus dorsi flap£0.00£0.00
B2917Reconstruction of breast using fixed prosthesis and acellular dermal matrix (ADM) (including delayed reconstruction)£700.00£285.00
B2918Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using fixed prosthesis and acellular dermal matrix (ADM) - unilateral£1,000.00£400.00
B2921Lumpectomy and immediate partial reconstruction of breast using pedicled perforator flap (eg. Lateral Intercostal Artery Perforator (LICAP) or Thoraco-Dorsal Artery Perforator (TDAP))£1,125.00£520.00
B2922Partial reconstruction of breast using pedicled perforator flap (eg. Lateral Intercostal Artery Perforator (LICAP) or Thoraco-Dorsal Artery Perforator (TDAP) including delayed reconstruction)£1,025.00£520.00
B2981Local mobilisation of glandular breast tissue to fill surgical cavity£390.00£175.00
B2984Reconstruction of breast using pedicled TRAM (including delayed reconstruction)£1,520.00£450.00
B2985Reconstruction of breast using free TRAM (including delayed reconstruction)£1,740.00£450.00
B2986Reconstruction of breast using deep inferior epigastric perforator flap (DIEP) (including delayed reconstruction)£2,780.00£1,200.00
B2987Reconstruction of breast using transverse upper gracilis (TUG) flap (including delayed reconstruction and nipple reconstruction)£2,780.00£1,000.00
B2988Reconstruction of breast using ALT (anteriolateral thigh) flap including delayed reconstruction£2,780.00£1,050.00
B2989Mastectomy followed by immediate Deep Inferior Epigastric Flap (DIEP) reconstruction£3,000.00£1,300.00
B2990Reconstruction of breast using deep inferior epigastric perforator flap (DIEP) with vascularised lymph node transfer (including delayed reconstruction)£2,800.00£1,200.00
B2991Laparoscopic mobilisation of the greater omentum for reconstruction of breast (including delayed reconstruction)£1,520.00£790.00
B2992Reconstruction of breast using deep inferior epigastric perforator flap (DIEP) with vascularised lymph node transfer (including delayed reconstruction) - bilateral£0.00£0.00
B2996Reconstruction of breast using deep inferior epigastric perforator flap (DIEP) (including delayed reconstruction) - bilateral£3,400.00£1,300.00
B3012Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using expandable prosthesis£700.00£275.00
B3013Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using fixed prosthesis£700.00£225.00
B3014Reconstruction of breast using expandable prosthesis (including delayed reconstruction)£425.00£240.00
B3015Reconstruction of breast using fixed prosthesis (including delayed reconstruction)£425.00£200.00
B3016Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using fat transfer£725.00£250.00
B3017Reconstruction of breast using fat transfer (including delayed reconstruction)£400.00£230.00
B3018Revision reconstruction of breast using fat transfer£400.00£200.00
B3020Fat transfer, including extraction and transfer for volume adjustment following mastectomy and reconstruction (as sole procedure)£400.00£180.00
B3022Adjustment or revision of flap harvest site following mastectomy and breast reconstruction, including liposuction and excision of scar (as sole procedure)£300.00£0.00
B3032Removal of prosthesis from breast, including capsulectomy£400.00£150.00
B3033Simple removal of prosthesis from breast£220.00£135.00
B3034Removal and/or reinsertion of prosthesis into the breast, including capsulectomy - unilateral£450.00£180.00
B3035Removal and/or reinsertion of prosthesis into the breast, including capsulectomy - bilateral£610.00£300.00
B3100Reduction mammoplasty - unilateral£650.00£300.00
B3110Reduction mammoplasty - bilateral (greater than 500g each breast)£2,250.00£500.00
B3120Augmentation mammoplasty - unilateral£450.00£400.00
B3121Augmentation mammoplasty - bilateral£1,500.00£500.00
B3130Unilateral mastopexy (following reconstruction)£600.00£220.00
B3140Therapeutic mammoplasty for breast cancer£650.00£220.00
B3180Implantation of prosthesis into breast as sole procedure£425.00£210.00
B3212Percutaneous suction core biopsy£150.00£95.00
B3220Core biopsy of lesion of breast£150.00£120.00
B3310Drainage of breast abscess including haematoma and seroma£200.00£120.00
B3500Operation(s) on nipple (where not included in other procedures)£0.00£0.00
B3580Nipple areola complex reconstruction +/- liposuction and fat transfer£500.00£350.00
B3592Micropigmentation (tattooing) of nipple areola complex£375.00£0.00
B3593Microdochectomy or mammodochectomy (Hadfield's procedure)£350.00£140.00
B3594Plastic procedures on nipple£350.00£150.00
B3595Excision of mammary fistula£350.00£160.00
B3810Reconstruction of breast using SGAP (superior gluteal artery perforator) flap including delayed reconstruction£2,000.00£1,000.00
E4800Therapeutic broncoscopy (including laser, cryotherapy, lavage, snare, dilatation of stricture, insertion of stent)£275.00£250.00
E4850Therapeutic bronchoscopy for removal of foreign body£230.00£200.00
E5180Diagnostic bronchoscopy +/- biopsy£320.00£175.00
G2402Transthoracic fundoplication£925.00£310.00
S4760Fine needle aspiration cytology£110.00£0.00
T8911Vascularised lymph node transfer as sole procedure - bilateral£0.00£0.00
T9000Sentinel node mapping and sampling with blue dye or radioactive probe for breast cancer£350.00£250.00
T9020Sentinel node mapping and sampling with blue dye and radioactive probe for breast cancer£350.00£300.00
T9030Intraoperative sentinel node mapping, using One Step Nucleic Acid Amplification (OSNA), for breast cancer£500.00£120.00
XR122Bilateral image guided vacuum assisted excision of breast lesion (with biopsy)£0.00£0.00
A0380Stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) using GammaKnife or similar SRT technology£1,600.00£1,000.00
A5480Intrathecal chemotherapy£100.00£0.00
BT253Contact radiotherapy (the Papillon technique)£0.00£0.00
S0980Psoralen photochemotherapy (PUVA/PUVB) per session – whole body£0.00£0.00
S0982Psoralen photochemotherapy (PUVA/PUVB) per session – localised£0.00£0.00
U0080Harvesting for autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplant£650.00£0.00
U0090Harvesting for matched related peripheral blood stem cell transplant£650.00£0.00
U0095Harvesting for matched unrelated peripheral blood stem cell transplant£0.00£0.00
U0100Autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplant£650.00£0.00
U0110Allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplant£650.00£0.00
U0120Matched unrelated peripheral blood stem cell transplant£650.00£0.00
U0130Human leukocyte antigen typing for peripheral blood stem cell compatible donor identification£0.00£0.00
U0140Second peripheral blood stem cell mini transplant for relapse after bone marrow transplant£650.00£0.00
U0150Non-myeloablative stem cell transplant (mini transplant)£0.00£0.00
W3651Diagnostic aspiration of bone marrow£100.00£130.00
X0001Clinical supervision and planning for the delivery of chemotherapy regimens for 0 to 7 days£150.00£0.00
X0002Clinical supervision and planning for the delivery of chemotherapy regimens for 8 to 14 days£300.00£0.00
X0003Clinical supervision and planning for the delivery of chemotherapy regimens for 15 to 21 days£450.00£0.00
X0004Clinical supervision and planning for the delivery of chemotherapy regimens for 22 to 28 days£600.00£0.00
X0007Clinical supervision of external beam radiotherapy, up to and including 15 fractions or part thereof£420.00£0.00
X0008Clinical supervision of external beam radiotherapy, for 16 or up to and including 30 fractions£800.00£0.00
X0030Planning for the delivery of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) / Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR)£850.00£0.00
X0100Electrochemotherapy for malignant lesions£0.00£0.00
X6510Delivery of a fraction of total body irradiation£0.00£0.00
X6520Delivery of a fraction of intracavity radiotherapy£450.00£0.00
X6530Delivery of a fraction of interstitial radiotherapy£0.00£0.00
X6541Delivery of a fraction of superficial radiotherapy on an orthovoltage machine£0.00£0.00
X6542Delivery of a fraction of simple radiotherapy on a megavoltage machine£0.00£0.00
X6543Delivery of a fraction of complex radiotherapy, including Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) on a megavoltage machine£0.00£0.00
X6545Delivery of a fraction of intermediate radiotherapy on a megavoltage machine£0.00£0.00
X6546Delivery of a fraction of complex radiotherapy on a megavoltage machine£0.00£0.00
X6547Delivery of a fraction of simple radiotherapy with Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)£0.00£0.00
X6548Delivery of a fraction of intermediate radiotherapy with Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)£0.00£0.00
X6549Delivery of a fraction of complex radiotherapy with Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)£0.00£0.00
X6560Delivery of Selective Internal Radiotherapy (SIRT)£425.00£0.00
X6570Delivery of a fraction of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) / Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR)£0.00£0.00
X6575Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy£0.00£0.00
X6590Delivery of a fraction of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) using RapidArc£0.00£0.00
X6710Preparation for rotational Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) (eg VMAT, RapidArc, Tomotherapy))£0.00£0.00
X6720Preparation for total body irradiation£0.00£0.00
X6740Preparation for simple radiotherapy with imaging, dosimetry and simple calculation£220.00£0.00
X6741Preparation for simple radiotherapy with imaging, and complex dosimetry and calculation£850.00£0.00
X6760Preparation for superficial radiotherapy with imaging, dosimetry and calculation£225.00£0.00
X6771Preparation for complex radiotherapy without Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)£0.00£0.00
X6772Preparation for complex radiotherapy with Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)£1,400.00£0.00
X6773Preparation for simple radiotherapy with Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)£850.00£0.00
X6774Preparation for intermediate radiotherapy with Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)£1,150.00£0.00
X6780Preparation for intermediate radiotherapy£0.00£0.00
X6781Simple mould or mask£0.00£0.00
X6782Complex mould or mask£0.00£0.00
X6783Preparation and delivery of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT)£0.00£150.00
X6810Preparation for Selective Internal Radiotherapy (SIRT)£650.00£0.00
X6910Clinical supervision of the planning of a course of simple radiotherapy£325.00£0.00
X6920Clinical supervision of the planning of a course of intermediate radiotherapy£325.00£0.00
X6930Clinical supervision of the planning of a course of complex radiotherapy£650.00£0.00
X6950Clinical supervision of the planning of stereotactic radiosurgery e.g. SRT/SBRT and Gamma Knife£1,425.00£0.00
XR550Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), +/- drug eluting bead (DEB)£0.00£0.00
15770Initial consultation SURGICAL£150.00£0.00
15780Initial consultation MEDICAL£220.00£0.00
15790Subsequent consultation SURGICAL£100.00£0.00
15800Subsequent consultation MEDICAL£150.00£0.00
20110ECG (including reporting)£0.00£0.00
20130Exercise ECG (including base line 12 lead ECG and reporting)£0.00£0.00
20132Exercise or dobutamine stress echocardiography (including ECG and reporting)£0.00£0.00
2014024 hour ECG Holter (including reporting)£0.00£0.00
20141Continuous ambulatory ECG for up to 72 hours (including reporting)£150.00£0.00
20142Insertion of implantable ECG loop recorder (including reporting)£250.00£0.00
20143Removal of implantable ECG loop recorder (including reporting)£210.00£0.00
20150Patch testing (inclusive of application, reading and reporting)£95.00£0.00
20210Pure tone audiogram (air conduction) - including masking£0.00£0.00
20220Pure tone audiogram (air and bone conduction) - including masking£5.00£0.00
20230Impedance audiogram£0.00£0.00
20240Impedance audiogram as part of other procedure£0.00£0.00
20320Inpatient care£100.00£0.00
20330Inpatient consultation by 2nd specialist or for emergency£0.00£0.00
20340Remote consultation using multimedia communication e.g. Skype£0.00£0.00
20350Non face to face consultation (e.g.telephone, skype) - up to 15 minutes£0.00£0.00
20360Non face to face consultation (e.g. telephone, skype) - 16 to 29 minutes£0.00£0.00
20370Non face to face consultation (e.g. telephone, skype) - 30 minutes and over£0.00£0.00
25000Incision and drainage (not elsewhere covered)£0.00£0.00
64300Echocardiography (including reporting) as sole procedure£150.00£0.00
S4780Aspiration of subcutaneous haematoma£110.00£0.00
S5210Injection into subcutaneous tissue/painful trigger point under local anaesthetic and steroid£90.00£120.00
S5300Introduction of substance into skin (including hormone pellet)£110.00£0.00
X3590Intravenous infusion (as sole procedure)£110.00£0.00
X3770Intramuscular injection with X-ray control (e.g. piriformis block)£185.00£150.00
Y3300Acupuncture - simple (less than 6 needles)£60.00£0.00
Y3310Acupuncture - complex (6 needles or more and/or stimulator)£90.00£0.00
AA489Transtympanic chemical labyrinthectomy£760.00£280.00
D0110Total excision of pinna£500.00£265.00
D0132Excision accessory auricle/preauricular appendage£275.00£130.00
D0140Excision of preauricular sinus£320.00£150.00
D0210Excision of lesion of pinna£310.00£150.00
D0280Removal of multiple bony exostoses external auditory canal£560.00£245.00
D0310Reconstruction of external ear for anotia/microtia using cartilage graft£925.00£310.00
D0330Pinnaplasty (including bilateral)£500.00£200.00
D0340Soft tissue meatoplasty of external auditory canal£500.00£175.00
D0342Bony meatoplasty£500.00£160.00
D0410Drainage of haematoma/abcess of pinna£160.00£125.00
D0610Biopsy of lesion of pinna (as sole procedure)£130.00£105.00
D0630Repair of pinna£130.00£135.00
D0702Aural toilet (including microsuction and/or suction of exteriorised mastoid cavity) including bilateral£100.00£90.00
D0730Removal of foreign body from external auditory canal (and bilateral)£125.00£125.00
D0810Excision of lesion of external auditory canal£155.00£135.00
D0812Removal of solitary osteoma of external auditory canal£320.00£170.00
D0820Reconstruction of external auditory canal£920.00£420.00
D1010Radical mastoidectomy (including meatoplasty)£790.00£310.00
D1020Modified radical mastoidectomy (including meatoplasty)£790.00£330.00
D1040Simple mastoidectomy£735.00£260.00
D1060Revision of mastoidectomy (including meatoplasty)£650.00£280.00
D1240Exploration of facial nerve, mastoid segment£790.00£310.00
D1440Combined approach tympanoplasty - intact canal wall tympanoplasty£925.00£325.00
D1510Myringotomy and insertion of tube through tympanic membrane (and bilateral)£200.00£180.00
D1520Suction clearance of middle ear (as sole procedure)£120.00£125.00
D1530Myringotomy (and bilateral)£130.00£105.00
D1540Exploration of entire middle ear course of VII£1,150.00£450.00
D1710Stapedectomy (as sole procedure)£650.00£300.00
D1720Revision stapedectomy (as sole procedure)£650.00£295.00
D1900Middle ear tumour excision£650.00£250.00
D1910Middle ear polypectomy£200.00£100.00
D2030Removal of grommets£200.00£180.00
D2040Diagnostic tympanotomy (as sole procedure)£560.00£200.00
D2050Tympanic neurectomy£425.00£150.00
D2070Transtympanic steroid injection (including topical or local anaesthetic)£150.00£0.00
D2420Insertion of cochlea implant£1,050.00£500.00
D2422Insertion of bone anchored implant (BAHA)£800.00£385.00
D2610Operation(s) on endolymphatic sac£690.00£340.00
D2620Membranous labyrinthectomy£760.00£300.00
D2630Osseous labyrinthectomy£790.00£300.00
D2822Examination of ear under general anaesthetic (as sole procedure)£120.00£100.00
E0110Total excision of nose£500.00£310.00
E0220Septorhinoplasty (including attention to turbinates)£0.00£0.00
E0230Septorhinoplasty including graft/implant following trauma or excision of tumour (including attention to turbinates)£735.00£345.00
E0240Revision/secondary open structure septorhinoplasty +/- graft implant following prior surgery from trauma or excision of tumour (including attention to turbinates)£650.00£230.00
E0260Rhinoplasty following trauma or excision of tumour (including attention to turbinates)£650.00£413.00
E0310Submucous resection of nasal septum£370.00£145.00
E0330Biopsy of septum of nose£130.00£115.00
E0340Closure of perforation of septum of nose£425.00£145.00
E0360Septoplasty of nose (including attention to turbinates)£500.00£200.00
E0380Nasal septum cauterisation (and bilateral)£150.00£102.00
E0390Extracorporeal septoplasty£880.00£320.00
E0412Reduction turbinates of nose (laser, diathermy, out fracture etc)£210.00£150.00
E0420Reduction turbinates of nose (trim,radical excision)£210.00£180.00
E0440Division of adhesions of turbinate of nose (and bilateral)£210.00£150.00
E0520Ligation of artery of internal nose (including endoscopic, as sole procedure)£425.00£175.00
E0610Packing of cavity of nose (as sole procedure)£110.00£110.00
E0810Polypectomy of internal nose (and bilateral, including endoscopic)£160.00£145.00
E0820Excision of lesion of internal nose£150.00£150.00
E0830Correction of congenital atresia of choana (including endoscopic)£500.00£195.00
E0850Removal of foreign body from cavity of nose£110.00£115.00
E0910Excision of lesion of external nose£120.00£135.00
E1220Caldwell-Luc approach to maxillary sinus£320.00£165.00
E1240Vidian neurectomy (including endoscopic)£560.00£220.00
E1260Image guided endoscopic frontal, sphenoid and/or ethmoid sinus surgery (FESS)£600.00£250.00
E1310Antral puncture and wash-out (and bilateral)£165.00£130.00
E1330Intranasal antrostomy including endoscopic and antral wash-out (& bilateral)£275.00£175.00
E1350Closure of oro-antral fistula with local flap£425.00£160.00
E1352Closure of oro-antral fistula with distant flap£300.00£0.00
E1354Closure of oro-antral fistula with distant flap and bone graft£300.00£0.00
E1360Endoscopic balloon dilation frontal sinuplasty£610.00£300.00
E1370Endoscopic balloon dilation maxillary sinuplasty£610.00£270.00
E1380Endoscopic balloon dilation sphenoid sinuplasty£610.00£175.00
E1410External frontoethmoidectomy£690.00£245.00
E1432Standard FESS: excision uncinate process and anterior ethmoid bulla, antrostomy/antral puncture, simple polypectomy, attention to turbinates (bilateral)£600.00£370.00
E1450Bone flap to frontal sinus (and bilateral)£790.00£190.00
E1460Trephining of frontal sinus£200.00£190.00
E1470Median drainage of frontal sinus (modified Lothrop procedure)£1,900.00£825.00
E1480Endoscopic exploration frontal sinus beyond frontoethmoid recess£760.00£290.00
E1500Operation(s) on sphenoid sinus (including endoscopic)£275.00£175.00
E1742Lateral rhinotomy into sinuses£560.00£180.00
E1750Transnasal repair of leaking CSF (including endoscopic)£1,050.00£150.00
E1780Diagnostic endoscopy of sinus and bilateral (as sole procedure)£100.00£120.00
E1910Total pharyngectomy£1,900.00£625.00
E1920Partial pharyngectomy£735.00£565.00
E2100Repair of pharynx£690.00£245.00
E2140Reconstruction using stomach pull up following pharyngolaryngectomy£1,900.00£1,100.00
E2150Reconstruction free jejunal graft following pharyngolaryngectomy£1,900.00£1,000.00
E2300Pharyngeal myotomy£230.00£200.00
E2320Open operation(s) on pharyngeal pouch£610.00£240.00
E2330Removal of lesion of para-pharyngeal space£1,520.00£750.00
E2400Therapeutic endoscopic operation on pharynx£200.00£180.00
E2480Endoscopic operation(s) on pharyngeal pouch (e.g. Dohlman’s procedure)£610.00£220.00
E2500Diagnostic nasolaryngopharyngoscopy (including biopsy) as sole procedure£185.00£145.00
E2501Fibre optic examination of the pharynx +/- biopsy/removal of foreign body.£0.00£0.00
E2880Epley manoeuvre£40.00£0.00
E2910Total laryngectomy£1,150.00£600.00
E2920Horizontal supra-glottic laryngectomy£1,150.00£575.00
E2930Vertical hemi-laryngectomy£1,150.00£365.00
E2940Partial laryngectomy£1,150.00£365.00
E2950Laryngofissure and cordectomy of vocal cord£560.00£185.00
E2970Sub-total laryngectomy£1,150.00£285.00
E3100Reconstruction of larynx with graft£1,200.00£625.00
E3400Cordectomy (endoscopic)£560.00£185.00
E3410Laser surgery to vocal cord (including microlaryngoscopy)£560.00£220.00
E3520Microlaryngoscopy/laryngoscopy +/- endoscopic excision of lesion of larynx£425.00£280.00
E3681Stroboscopy of larynx£150.00£0.00
E3810Injection into larynx£370.00£160.00
E4032Tracheoplasty for congenital conditions£560.00£185.00
E4510Fibreoptic examination of trachea including biopsy/removal of foreign body£230.00£150.00
E4990Panendoscopy +/- incisional biopsy£320.00£180.00
E4991Therapeutic Panendoscopy +/- excision biopsy, excision or destruction of lesions£320.00£170.00
E5100Endobronchial ultrasound (as sole procedure)£0.00£0.00
F3400Tonsillectomy - child (and bilateral)£370.00£200.00
F3430Laser assisted serial tonsillectomy - first stage£250.00£180.00
F3431Laser assisted serial tonsillectomy - subsequent stages£250.00£180.00
F3440Tonsillectomy - adult (and bilateral)£425.00£220.00
F3460Excision of lingual tonsil£250.00£145.00
F3480Adenotonsillectomy (and bilateral)£425.00£220.00
F3490Intracapsular tonsillar reduction (partial tonsillectomy)£330.00£190.00
F3620Drainage of peritonsillar abscess ("quinsy")£125.00£185.00
F3650Arrest of hemorrhage following tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy£275.00£150.00
T8950Repair of peri-lymph fistula£610.00£320.00
V0700Cranio-facial resection£1,900.00£500.00
W1870Drainage of petrous apex for sepsis£1,520.00£400.00
W2620Manipulation under anaesthesia of fractured nose (as sole procedure)£200.00£120.00
A8480Transtympanic electro-cochleography£220.00£0.00
C0110Exenteration of orbit£705.00£245.00
C0120Enucleation/evisceration of eyeball£620.00£230.00
C0122Enucleation/evisceration of eyeball (with implant)£650.00£200.00
C0212Excision of lesion of orbit - anterior approach£550.00£240.00
C0213Excision of lesion of orbit - lateral orbitomy£550.00£220.00
C0512Simple reconstruction of socket (not including implant or graft)£620.00£220.00
C0513Reconstruction of socket with either implant or graft£650.00£220.00
C0514Reconstruction of socket with implant and graft£670.00£220.00
C0610Biopsy of lesion of orbit£550.00£155.00
C0620Drainage of orbit£420.00£110.00
C0630Decompression of orbit£1,000.00£600.00
C0640Removal of foreign body from orbit£550.00£220.00
C0650Exploration of orbit (as sole procedure)£490.00£220.00
C0840Orbital injection£120.00£85.00
C0880Retrobulbar irradiation for thyroid eye disease£325.00£0.00
C1010Excision of lesion of eyebrow£175.00£140.00
C1040Suture of eyebrow£135.00£120.00
C1110Excision of lesion of canthus£240.00£175.00
C1130Correction of epicanthus£355.00£155.00
C1140Correction of telecanthus£355.00£155.00
C1150Graft of skin to canthus£320.00£155.00
C1210Excision of lesion of eyelid£150.00£150.00
C1230Curettage/cryotherapy of lesion of eyelid£125.00£135.00
C1320Blepharoplasty - one eyelid£410.00£195.00
C1340Blepharoplasty - two eyelids£615.00£290.00
C1341Blepharoplasty - three or four eyelids£715.00£340.00
C1420Graft of skin to eyelid£310.00£155.00
C1512Correction of lower lid ectropion without graft/flap£340.00£130.00
C1513Correction of lower lid ectropion with graft/flap£400.00£130.00
C1522Correction of entropion - lower lid, including graft/flap£340.00£130.00
C1523Correction of entropion - upper lid, including graft/flap£400.00£130.00
C1532Correction of trichiasis by electrolysis/diathermy/cryotherapy/laser£150.00£130.00
C1540Surgical correction of trichiasis /upper lid entropion, including graft/flap£120.00£130.00
C1700Total reconstruction of eyelid - unilateral£600.00£175.00
C1710Suture of eyelid (laceration) (as sole procedure)£150.00£120.00
C1810Correction of ptosis of eyelid - simple, including tarsomullerectomy£435.00£260.00
C1812Correction of ptosis of eyelid - complex£550.00£250.00
C1813Correction of ptosis of eyelid with autologous fascia lata£535.00£260.00
C1818Reverse ptosis repair of eyelid£500.00£200.00
C2220Biopsy of lesion of eyelid£140.00£110.00
C2510Canaliculo-dacryocysto-rhinostomy (including intubation)£600.00£320.00
C2520Conjunctivo-dacryocysto-rhinostomy (including intubation)£650.00£300.00
C2540Dacryocystorhinostomy (including insertion and later removal of tube)£600.00£275.00
C2550Lacrimal intubation (as sole procedure)£350.00£140.00
C2610Excision/Biopsy of lacrimal sac£240.00£150.00
C2640Incision of lacrimal sac£120.00£120.00
C2650Probing of nasolacrimal system with/without syringing and/or irrigation£120.00£130.00
C2920Insertion of canalicular or punctual plugs£120.00£85.00
C3112Surgical correction of squint - unilateral£450.00£230.00
C3113Surgical correction of squint - bilateral£580.00£245.00
C3180Revision of squint surgery£645.00£275.00
C3530Surgical correction of squint with adjustable sutures£700.00£230.00
C3780Injection of botulinum toxin into extraocular or periocular muscles£275.00£0.00
C3910Excision/biopsy of conjunctival lesion£210.00£175.00
C3920Cauterisation including cryotherapy to conjunctival lesion£140.00£135.00
C3950Radiotherapy to conjunctival lesion£180.00£155.00
C3960Excision of pterygium£165.00£160.00
C4010Mucosal graft to conjunctiva£395.00£155.00
C4020Removal of symblepharon +/- amniotic membrane transplant£165.00£0.00
C4050Suture of conjunctiva£165.00£155.00
C4080Removal of suture of conjunctiva£100.00£135.00
C4100Drainage of conjunctival cyst£105.00£135.00
C4340Subconjunctival injection£130.00£135.00
C4350Exploration of conjunctiva (including removal of foreign body)£150.00£150.00
C4520Excision of lesion of cornea£160.00£135.00
C4620Lamellar graft (keratoplasty) to cornea£750.00£340.00
C4630Perforating graft (keratoplasty) to cornea£750.00£330.00
C4640Descemets stripping endothelial keratoplasty (DSEK)£750.00£330.00
C4650Revision of corneal graft£750.00£275.00
C4690Implantation of Synthetic corneal rings for keratoconus (including INTACS)£400.00£260.00
C4710Repair of corneal wound£180.00£155.00
C4730Removal of corneal suture£120.00£135.00
C4810Removal of superficial corneal foreign body£155.00£135.00
C4980Tension sutures£495.00£190.00
C5122Chelation of cornea/photo therapeutic keratectomy£230.00£125.00
C5130Ultraviolet irradiation of riboflavin for cross linking of corneal collagen£640.00£325.00
C5140Tattooing of cornea£205.00£120.00
C5180Corneal scraping for culture£130.00£120.00
C5190Ex-vivo cultivated limbal stem cell allograft transplant£770.00£440.00
C5300Excision of lesion of sclera£230.00£165.00
C5340Insertion of tantalum marker ring£700.00£220.00
C5432Conventional retinal surgery (may include scleral buckling, injection of gas, drainage and retinopexy)£680.00£375.00
C5480Removal of silicone oil£260.00£130.00
C5720Repair of scleral laceration£230.00£165.00
C5730Scleral graft£480.00£170.00
C5920Surgical iridectomy£360.00£200.00
C6010Surgical trabeculectomy or other penetrating glaucoma procedures (including topical or local anaesthetic)£650.00£275.00
C6011Canaloplasty (of Schlemm’s Canal with microcatheter) (including topical or local anaesthetic)£730.00£440.00
C6012Canaloplasty (of Schlemm's Canal with microcatheter) combined with phacoemulsification of lens with implant "Phaco-Canaloplasty" (including topical or local anaesthetic)£780.00£450.00
C6110Laser trabeculoplasty (including topical or local anaesthetic) - bilateral£375.00£225.00
C6111Laser trabeculoplasty (including topical or local anaesthetic) - unilateral£250.00£150.00
C6120Trabecular stent bypass microsurgery for open-angle glaucoma (including topical or local anaesthetic)£650.00£270.00
C6130Goniotomy (surgical treatment of glaucoma) (including topical or local anaesthetic)£595.00£190.00
C6150Revision of previous glaucoma surgery (including topical or local anaesthetic)£650.00£250.00
C6160Complex glaucoma surgery (including anti-metabolites/insertion of seton devices) (including topical or local anaesthetic)£650.00£250.00
C6170Goniosynechialysis or goniopuncture (with laser or operatively) (including topical or local anaesthetic)£370.00£190.00
C6180Bleb needling +/- antimetabolites (including topical or local anaesthetic)£140.00£0.00
C6181Laser suture lysis (including topical or local anaesthetic)£0.00£0.00
C6230Laser iridotomy£360.00£230.00
C6410Repair of prolapsed iris£595.00£220.00
C6420Excision of lesion of iris£595.00£220.00
C6450Removal of foreign body from iris£595.00£210.00
C6610Ciliary body ablation£360.00£175.00
C6710Cyclodialysis (separation of ciliary body)£535.00£220.00
C6910Reformation of anterior chamber£480.00£185.00
C6930Injection into anterior chamber (including topical or local anaesthetic)£130.00£135.00
C6940Irrigation/aspiration of anterior chamber£150.00£140.00
C6980Removal of foreign body from anterior chamber£360.00£150.00
C6990Insertion of valve into anterior chamber of eye£580.00£210.00
C7100Extracapsular cataract extraction without implant - bilateral£800.00£410.00
C7110Extracapsular cataract extraction without implant - unilateral£640.00£245.00
C7122Ultrasound phacoemulsification of cataract, with lens implant - unilateral (including topical or local anaesthetic)£640.00£325.00
C7123Phacoemulsification of cataract, without lens implant - unilateral (including topical or local anaesthetic)£600.00£325.00
C7124Phacoemulsification of cataracts, without lens implant - bilateral (including topical or local anaesthetic)£800.00£465.00
C7125Ultrasound phacoemulsification of cataracts, with lens implant - bilateral (including topical or local anaesthetic)£800.00£525.00
C7180Extracapsular cataract extraction with implant - unilateral£640.00£325.00
C7190Extracapsular cataract extraction with implant - bilateral£1,190.00£540.00
C7201Laser-assisted phacoemulsification of cataract with lens implant – unilateral (including topical or local anaesthetic)£0.00£0.00
C7202Laser-assisted phacoemulsification of cataract with lens implant - bilateral (including topical or local anaesthetic)£0.00£0.00
C7340Yag laser photodisruption of posterior capsule of lens (including laser capsulotomy)-unilateral£180.00£175.00
C7341Yag laser photodisruption of posterior capsule of lens (including laser capsulotomy) - bilateral£270.00£262.50
C7510Secondary insertion of lens implant£500.00£240.00
C7520Lens implant/exchange£550.00£215.00
C7525Repositioning of lens implant£0.00£0.00
C7530Removal of lens implant£400.00£150.00
C7550Implantation of intra ocular miniature lens system (telescopic lens) for visual impairment£0.00£0.00
C7910Anterior vitrectomy£400.00£275.00
C7920Pars plana vitrectomy with internal tamponade, scleral buckling and retinopexy£860.00£500.00
C7922Pars plana vitrectomy/vitreous biopsy£725.00£475.00
C7940Intravitreal injection of pharmaceutical agent (not elsewhere classified)£300.00£200.00
C7982Pars plana vitrectomy with internal tamponade, scleral buckling and retinopexy, including dissection or excision of epiretinal membrane/macular surgery£1,500.00£725.00
C8200Laser photocoagulation/cryotherapy of lesion of retina£290.00£175.00
C8240Photodynamic therapy to the retina (PDT)£265.00£160.00
C8440Retinal examination under anaesthetic including retinopexy if necessary£165.00£100.00
C8650Fluorescein angiography of eye (including fundus photography)£115.00£100.00
C8652Fundus or anterior segment ocular photography (as sole procedure)£110.00£0.00
C8654Insertion of radioactive plaque into eye (including later removal)£580.00£450.00
E3900Partial excision of trachea with reconstruction£1,200.00£790.00
E4100Insertion of voice prosthesis (TOF)£550.00£160.00
E4230Mini-tracheostomy (percutaneous)£180.00£120.00
E4840Dilatation of tracheal stricture including insertion of stent£260.00£180.00
V0382Total petrosectomy (for tumour)£1,100.00£610.00
X3800Ophthalmic local anaesthetic injection administered by operator£110.00£0.00
B0812Total thyroidectomy/near total thyroidectomy£690.00£375.00
B0813Total thyroidectomy including block dissection of lymph nodes£925.00£375.00
B0820Bilateral subtotal thyroidectomy£650.00£270.00
B0830Total thyroid lobectomy & isthmectomy£650.00£280.00
B0850Isthmectomy of thyroid gland£650.00£275.00
B0860Partial thyroidectomy (not elsewhere classified)£650.00£320.00
B0900Operations on aberrant thyroid tissue (including excision/removal of retrosternal goitre)£790.00£350.00
B1012Excision of thyroglossal cyst/tract£450.00£210.00
B1220Fine needle aspiration of thyroid gland£110.00£0.00
B1230Core biopsy of thyroid gland£185.00£100.00
B1250Thyroid : re-operation£690.00£300.00
B1280Ultrasound guided radiofrequency ablation of benign thyroid nodule£0.00£0.00
B1680Parathyroid : re-operation£800.00£385.00
BT210Oral introduction of liquid radioactive agent (brachytherapy) for thyroid tumour ablation£330.00£0.00
E3180Thyroplasty (Isshiki type 1)£560.00£170.00
F0110Excision of vermilion border of lip and advance of mucosa of lip£320.00£150.00
F0200Excision of lesion of lip£275.00£150.00
F0312Primary closure of cleft lip - unilateral£560.00£240.00
F0313Primary closure of cleft lip - bilateral£670.00£270.00
F0314Primary closure of cleft lip - unilateral including anterior palate£560.00£250.00
F0315Primary closure of cleft lip - bilateral including anterior palate£670.00£270.00
F0320Revision of primary closure of cleft lip£690.00£270.00
F0410Reconstruction of lip using tongue flap£650.00£220.00
F0420Reconstruction of lip using skin flap£650.00£300.00
F0530Suture of lip£160.00£140.00
F0810Transplantation of tooth£0.00£0.00
F0830Replantation of natural tooth / teeth following trauma£275.00£115.00
F0910Surgical removal of impacted/buried tooth/teeth£320.00£180.00
F0950Surgical removal of complicated buried roots£230.00£175.00
F1450Exposure of buried tooth£240.00£135.00
F1810Enucleation of cyst of jaw£275.00£180.00
F2210Total glossectomy£790.00£245.00
F2220Partial glossectomy for malignancy£690.00£250.00
F2310Excision/destruction of lesion of tongue£275.00£175.00
F2620Frenotomy /frenectomy of tongue under general anaesthetic£155.00£150.00
F2621Frenotomy /frenectomy of tongue under local anaesthetic£0.00£0.00
F2640Freeing of adhesions of tongue£100.00£150.00
F2650Suture of tongue£120.00£135.00
F2660Tongue flap - first stage and second stage£560.00£275.00
F2810Excision/destruction of lesion of palate£275.00£180.00
F2910Primary repair of cleft palate£735.00£270.00
F2920Revision of repair of cleft palate£500.00£195.00
F2930Pillar procedure for prevention of snoring£0.00£0.00
F3010Plastic repair of palate using flap of palate£410.00£195.00
F3020Plastic repair of palate using flap of skin£575.00£195.00
F3070Suture of palate£200.00£200.00
F3230Incision of palate£145.00£120.00
F3240Operations on uvula£230.00£165.00
F3810Excision/destruction of lesion of mouth£200.00£160.00
F3910Reconstruction of mouth using flap£690.00£245.00
F3920Reconstruction of mouth using graft£355.00£220.00
F4040Suture of mouth (as sole procedure)£185.00£155.00
F4050Graft of skin or mucosa to mouth£320.00£185.00
F4210Biopsy of lesion of mouth£120.00£135.00
F4230Removal of excess mucosa from mouth£275.00£165.00
F4400Excision of parotid gland (other than F4410/F4430)£610.00£250.00
F4410Total excision of parotid gland and preservation of facial nerve£1,150.00£550.00
F4430Partial excision of parotid gland and preservation of facial nerve£950.00£340.00
F4440Excision of submandibular gland£430.00£210.00
F4450Excision of sublingual gland£320.00£175.00
F4600Incision or drainage of abscess or haematoma of salivary glands (i.e. including submandibular, parotid and sublingual glands)£130.00£120.00
F4640Fine needle aspiration of parotid gland£100.00£100.00
F4810Open biopsy of lesion of salivary gland£200.00£150.00
F4820Closure of fistula of salivary gland£190.00£150.00
F4830Therapeutic sialendoscopy£275.00£120.00
F5010Transposition of parotid duct (including bilateral)£370.00£140.00
F5020Transposition of submandibular duct (including bilateral)£370.00£145.00
F5110Open extraction of calculus from parotid duct£275.00£120.00
F5120Open extraction of calculus from submandibular duct£240.00£165.00
F5510Dilatation of parotid duct£150.00£100.00
F5610Manipulative removal of calculus from parotid duct£230.00£115.00
S0120Facelift following disease or trauma£760.00£180.00
S0140Browlift (following nerve damage)£500.00£170.00
T9400Operations on branchial cyst£425.00£375.00
T9420Operations on branchial fistula£650.00£280.00
V0820Open reduction and fixation of fractured jaw£425.00£220.00
V0830Closed reduction and fixation of fractured jaw£230.00£170.00
V0910Open reduction and fixation of nasal ethmoidal fracture£925.00£600.00
V0930Closed reduction of fracture of zygomatic complex of bones£320.00£180.00
V0980Open reduction of fracture of zygomatic complex of bones£500.00£200.00
V1040Osteotomy of maxilla (and bilateral)£865.00£340.00
V1082Partial maxillectomy for malignancy£820.00£325.00
V1083Hemi-maxillectomy for malignancy£820.00£275.00
V1150Removal of internal fixation and/or intermaxillary fixation from jaw£190.00£170.00
V1330Biopsy of lesion of facial bone£150.00£135.00
V1400Excision of mandible£650.00£300.00
V1422Extensive segmental excision of mandible£760.00£350.00
V1423Extensive excision of mandible with disarticulation£760.00£300.00
V1440Excision of lesion of jaw£370.00£165.00
V1622Backward/Forward sliding Mandibular Osteotomy£865.00£270.00
V1730Extra-oral fixation of mandible£320.00£220.00
V1910Reconstruction of jaw (non-vascularised reconstruction)£865.00£325.00
V1930Alveolar bone graft - unilateral£425.00£170.00
V1931Alveolar bone graft - bilateral£690.00£325.00
V2020Prosthetic replacement of temporomandibular joint£735.00£300.00
V2030Arthroplasty of temporomandibular bone joint£610.00£350.00
V2110Temporomandibular menisectomy£370.00£160.00
V2120Reduction of dislocation of temporomandibular joint£230.00£110.00
BT281Planning for insertion and removal of radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into vaginal tumour£220.00£0.00
BT282Insertion and removal of radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into vaginal tumour£500.00£250.00
BT341Planning for insertion and removal of a radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into cervix or other female intra-pelvic tissue£1,520.00£0.00
BT342Insertion and removal of a radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into cervix or other female intra-pelvic tissue£425.00£300.00
M3710Cystourethroplasty (including cystoscopy)£560.00£200.00
M5100Combined abdominal and vaginal operations to support outlet of female bladder (including sling procedures) (including cystoscopy)£610.00£365.00
M5180Revision combined abdominal and vaginal operations to support outlet of female bladder (including sling procedures and cystoscopy)£610.00£365.00
M5220Retropubic suspension of neck of bladder (including colposuspension) (including cystoscopy)£610.00£265.00
M5222Laparoscopic colposuspension£690.00£260.00
M5280Revision retropubic suspension of neck of bladder (including colposuspension and cystoscopy)£610.00£200.00
M5300Vaginal operations to support outlet of female bladder (including cystoscopy)£610.00£250.00
M5582Diathermy of urethral caruncle£120.00£100.00
P0310Excision of Bartholin gland£290.00£160.00
P0320Marsupialisation of Bartholin cyst£290.00£150.00
P0510Simple vulvectomy£690.00£245.00
P0550Excision of excess labial tissue£240.00£150.00
P0580Radical vulvectomy (including block dissection of inguinal gland)£925.00£395.00
P0600Excision of lesion of vulva£185.00£150.00
P0610Laser destruction of lesion of vulva£0.00£0.00
P0910Biopsy of lesion of vulva£150.00£120.00
P1300Operations on female perineum£160.00£145.00
P1400Incision of introitus of vagina£200.00£130.00
P1800Other obliteration of vagina£610.00£245.00
P1920Excision of septum of vagina£230.00£175.00
P2000Excision of lesion of vagina (e.g. warts and cysts)£275.00£190.00
P2100Reconstruction of vagina£865.00£275.00
P2120Total removal of vaginal mesh/tape with reconstruction of vagina and/or urethra, including cystoscopy and/or proctoscopy£850.00£380.00
P2210Anterior +/- posterior colporrhaphy and amputation of cervix uteri (including primary repair of enterocele)£690.00£220.00
P2230Posterior colporrhaphy£425.00£250.00
P2310Anterior +/- posterior colporrhaphy (including primary repair of enterocele) (including cystoscopy)£690.00£250.00
P2340Repair of enterocele (+/- posterior colporrhaphy)£560.00£245.00
P2380Anterior (+/- posterior) colporrhaphy with vaginal hysterectomy (including primary repair of enterocele and cystoscopy)£865.00£350.00
P2390Anterior (+/- posterior) colporrhaphy with vaginal hysterectomy with laparoscopic assistance (including primary repair of enterocele and cystoscopy)£840.00£580.00
P2420Sacrocolpopexy (including laparoscopic)£820.00£425.00
P2450Sacrospinous fixation£690.00£275.00
P2452Posterior infracoccygeal sacropexy for vaginal vault prolapse£600.00£225.00
P2510Repair of vesicovaginal fistula (including cystoscopy)£690.00£265.00
P2520Repair of urethrovaginal fistula (including cystoscopy)£610.00£265.00
P2530Repair of rectovaginal fistula£790.00£265.00
P2610Insertion of a vaginal support pessary£100.00£100.00
P2730Colposcopy (+/- biopsy, polypectomy or vulvoscopy)£155.00£120.00
P2930Biopsy of lesion of vagina£110.00£100.00
P2932Examination of vagina under anaesthetic as sole procedure£130.00£130.00
P3190Laparoscopic excision of recto-vaginal endometriosis including rectal shave, +/-ureterolysis£1,040.00£500.00
P3191Laparoscopic excision of recto-vaginal endometriosis including disc resection of rectum, +/-ureterolysis£1,200.00£500.00
P3192Laparoscopic excision of recto-vaginal endometriosis including bowel resection (including formation of stoma) +/- hysterectomy, +/-ureterolysis£1,500.00£750.00
Q0100Amputation of cervix uteri£365.00£175.00
Q0220Laser destruction of lesion of cervix uteri£185.00£100.00
Q0230Cauterisation of lesion of cervix uteri and/or polypectomy (including loop diathermy and colposcopy)£130.00£115.00
Q0330Cone biopsy of cervix uteri and/or polypectomy (including laser and colposcopy)£275.00£180.00
Q0340Punch biopsy of cervix uteri£110.00£90.00
Q0710Radical hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy (Wertheim's) +/- ureterolysis£1,520.00£600.00
Q0712Radical trachelectomy including laparoscopic and removal of lymph nodes +/- ureterolysis£1,520.00£500.00
Q0740Total abdominal hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy) +/- ureterolysis£690.00£325.00
Q0750Subtotal abdominal hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy) +/- ureterolysis£650.00£325.00
Q0751Laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy) +/- uterolysis£690.00£340.00
Q0752Robotic assisted laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy)£690.00£340.00
Q0790Laparoscopic total hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy) +/- ureterolysis£760.00£340.00
Q0791Robotic assisted laparoscopic total hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy)£760.00£340.00
Q0800Vaginal hysterectomy without laparoscopic assistance£735.00£325.00
Q0830Vaginal hysterectomy with laparoscopic assistance +/- ureterolysis£760.00£340.00
Q0880Hysterectomy with excision / biopsy and/or removal of omentum and uterine adnexa for ovarian malignancy +/- ureterolysis£925.00£350.00
Q0890Vaginal hysterectomy including salpingo-oophorectomy (including laparoscopically assisted) +/- ureterolysis£790.00£340.00
Q0920Myomectomy (including laparoscopically) +/- ureterolysis£760.00£265.00
Q0930Robotic assisted laparoscopic myomectomy£760.00£0.00
Q0950Plastic reconstruction of uterus£760.00£220.00
Q1010Dilation of cervix uteri and curettage of retained products of conception following spontaneous abortion£230.00£150.00
Q1030Dilatation of cervix uteri and curettage of uterus including polypectomy and diathermy of cervix£155.00£150.00
Q1280Introduction of a mirena coil£100.00£100.00
Q1700Therapeutic hysteroscopic operations on uterus (including endometrial ablation excluding microwave or radiofrequency ablation)£610.00£250.00
Q1701Laparoscopic excision of endometriosis, +/-ureterolysis£790.00£300.00
Q1702Microwave Endometrial Ablation including hysteroscopy£610.00£265.00
Q1703Impedance controlled bipolar radiofrequency ablation for menorrhagia including hysteroscopy£610.00£265.00
Q1800Hysteroscopy (including biopsy, dilatation, curettage and resection of polyp(s) +/- Mirena coil insertion)£270.00£180.00
Q1802Hysteroscopy with resection of fibroids£500.00£265.00
Q2020Endometrial biopsy or aspiration£130.00£95.00
Q2080Ventro-suspension of uterus including laparoscopic£425.00£240.00
Q2081Myolysis of uterine fibroids£760.00£280.00
Q2230Oophorectomy and salpingectomy, +/- biopsy eg. omentum, peritoneum, lymph node (as sole procedure) (including bilateral)£610.00£240.00
Q3110Removal of products of conception from fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy) including laparoscopically£560.00£275.00
Q3510Laparoscopic female sterilisation (tubal occlusion)£0.00£0.00
Q3520Hysteroscopic sterilisation£0.00£0.00
Q3710Reversal of female sterilisation£0.00£0.00
Q3800Laparoscopy and therapeutic procedures (including laser, diathermy and destruction e.g. endometriosis, adhesiolysis, tubal and ovarian surgery, +/-ureterolysis)£610.00£265.00
Q3900Laparoscopy (including e.g. puncture of ovarian cysts, +/- biopsy, minor endometriosis, +/-ureterolysis)£425.00£230.00
Q3980Hysterosalpingo contrast echo sonography£155.00£0.00
Q4130Hydrotubation of fallopian tubes£0.00£0.00
Q4400Ovarian cystectomy +/- omental biopsy (as sole procedure) (and bilateral)£610.00£250.00
Q5180Laparoscopic ovarian drilling£0.00£0.00
Q5450Laparoscopic hysteropexy (including sacrohysteropexy) +/- ureterolysis£0.00£0.00
R1590Induction of labour for stillbirth£0.00£0.00
X1410Total exenteration of pelvis£1,900.00£885.00
X1420Anterior exenteration of pelvis£1,520.00£575.00
X1430Posterior exenteration of pelvis£1,520.00£625.00
10002Insertion and management of epidural analgesia during the perioperative period£0.00£0.00
17160Intensive care - consultant daily care, when no operative anaesthesia performed£200.00£0.00
17170Professional attendance on (initiation of care of) patient requiring intensive care in an emergency up to 2 hours£300.00£0.00
17180Professional attendance on (initiation of care of) patient requiring intensive care in an emergency up to 3 hours£450.00£0.00
17190Professional attendance on (initiation of care of) patient requiring intensive care in an emergency over 3 hours£500.00£0.00
20144Continuous ambulatory ECG for over 72 hours and up to 7 days (including reporting)£0.00£0.00
20170Blind challenge test for food allergy under medical supervision£0.00£0.00
22021Anorectal physiology performed by consultant (including reporting)£0.00£0.00
64301Echocardiography +/- bubble contrast (including reporting) as sole procedure£0.00£0.00
A2952Excison of acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma) - tumours less than 2.5cm (performed by single surgeon)£2,100.00£890.00
AC100Local anaesthetic by main operator£100.00£0.00
G2180Ambulatory 24h pH and impedance monitoring£130.00£110.00
T8780Sentinel node biopsy (except where otherwise listed)£300.00£120.00
X3270Extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) - single session£0.00£0.00
X3510IV sedation administered by operator£100.00£0.00
X3520IV sedation administered by anaesthetist£0.00£0.00
X3530Sedation or general anaesthesia for MRI or CT scan£160.00£0.00
X3570Therapeutic venesection£100.00£0.00
X6581Clinical supervision of the delivery of a single fraction of radiotherapy£31.00£0.00
Y3320Dry needling£0.00£0.00
U0010Harvesting for autologous bone marrow transplant£150.00£0.00
U0020Harvesting for matched related bone marrow transplant£150.00£0.00
U0030Harvesting for matched unrelated bone marrow transplant£150.00£0.00
U0040Autologous bone marrow transplant£650.00£0.00
U0050Allogeneic bone marrow transplant£650.00£0.00
U0060Matched unrelated bone marrow transplant£650.00£0.00
U0070Human leukocyte antigen typing for bone marrow compatible donor identification£0.00£0.00
U0075CD34 Antigen purification for mismatched bone marrow transplant£0.00£0.00
W3652Trephine biopsy of bone marrow£200.00£100.00
R0200Foetal blood sampling by cordocentesis including ultrasound£0.00£0.00
R1040Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)£0.00£0.00
R1210Cerclage of cervix of gravid uterus£0.00£0.00
R1220Removal of cerclage of cervix of gravid uterus£0.00£0.00
R1820Caesarean delivery£0.00£0.00
R2010Breech Delivery£0.00£0.00
R2120Forceps cephalic delivery£0.00£0.00
R2130Rotational Vaginal Delivery£0.00£0.00
R2180Forceps cephalic delivery with rotation£0.00£0.00
R2290Vacuum Delivery£0.00£0.00
R2490Normal delivery£0.00£0.00
R2510Caesarean hysterectomy£0.00£0.00
R2810Curettage of delivered uterus£0.00£0.00
66170Dilation of oesophageal structure£0.00£0.00
X0009Clinical supervision of external beam radiotherapy, for 30 or more fractions£1,300.00£0.00
X6580Proton beam therapy (PBT) complete course of treatment£0.00£0.00
X7000Single course (phase) of simple radiotherapy for early Dupuytren's (including planning)£180.00£0.00
XR100Fluoroscopically guided biopsy (ies)£230.00£0.00
XR110Ultrasound guided biopsy(ies)£275.00£200.00
XR120CT/MRI guided biopsy(ies)£320.00£120.00
XR121Unilateral image guided vacuum assisted excision of breast lesion (with biopsy)£320.00£175.00
XR130Transjugular/Transfemoral/plugged liver biopsy (ies)£425.00£150.00
XR140Unilateral stereotactic core biopsy breast£300.00£150.00
XR142Bilateral stereotactic core biopsy breasts£350.00£150.00
XR160Percutaneous image guided fine needle aspiration (FNA)£130.00£110.00
XR170Fluoroscopically guided drainage of fluid collection£230.00£0.00
XR180Ultrasound guided drainage of fluid collection£425.00£0.00
XR181Ultrasound guided insertion of tunneled abdominal or pleural drain£300.00£150.00
XR190CT/MRI guided drainage of fluid collection£500.00£0.00
XR220Seminal vesicle injection£185.00£145.00
XR254Angioplasty of other arteries (e.g. sub-clavian, tibial, femoro-popliteal), +/- insertion of stent£560.00£230.00
XR260Angioplasty with insertion of metallic stent£570.00£230.00
XR270Angioplasty with insertion of metallic stent - graft£630.00£375.00
XR280Insertion of aortic metallic stent - graft£1,520.00£750.00
XR290Cerebral angioplasty with or without insertion of metallic stent£1,520.00£600.00
XR302Endovascular management of brain arteriovenous malformation (including 2 separate interventions)£2,240.00£610.00
XR303Additional management of brain arteriovenous malformation (per additional intervention)£2,240.00£610.00
XR306Endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysm£1,900.00£610.00
XR315Endoluminal stone extraction from salivary duct under imaging control£230.00£130.00
XR320Dilatation/stenting of nasolacrimal duct under imaging control£650.00£100.00
XR352Embolisation of artery / vein£550.00£200.00
XR360Embolisation of vascular mass (including uterine embolisation)£925.00£350.00
XR361Prostate artery embolisation£0.00£0.00
XR365Magnetic resonance image-guided focused ultrasound for ablation of uterine fibroids£1,100.00£0.00
XR370Embolisation of bronchial artery£1,150.00£400.00
XR380Embolisation of aneurysm£0.00£0.00
XR390Embolisation of arteriovenous malformation of brain or major organ£2,240.00£609.00
XR410Thrombolysis or aspiration of thrombus under imaging control£425.00£0.00
XR430Renal angioplasty, +/- insertion of stent£560.00£250.00
XR442Embolisation of varicocele of gonadal vein£560.00£0.00
XR450Dilatation of stricture under imaging control£370.00£284.00
XR510Fluoroscopically guided discectomy(including laser)£690.00£340.00
XR516Angioplasty of iliac artery, +/- insertion of stent£560.00£230.00
XR520CT guided discectomy (including laser)£925.00£290.00
XR530Fluoroscopically guided percutaneous vertebroplasty£690.00£330.00
XR531Coblation vertebroplasty£0.00£0.00
XR540CT guided percutaneous vertebroplasty£925.00£330.00
XR565Percutaneous dilatation of biliary stricture under imaging control£735.00£290.00
XR570Percutaneous insertion of plastic biliary endoprosthesis£560.00£300.00
XR575Percutaneous insertion of metallic biliary endoprosthesis£760.00£300.00
XR576Biliary drainage with occluded stent in place£760.00£240.00
XR580Percutaneous cholecystostomy£610.00£280.00
XR585Percutaneous gastrostomy£560.00£200.00
XR590Percutaneous gastrojejunostomy£690.00£280.00
XR595Insertion of tracheal/bronchial metallic stent£560.00£300.00
XR600Insertion of oesophageal metallic stent under imaging control£500.00£130.00
XR610Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt£925.00£525.00
XR620Renal/adrenal vein sampling£425.00£180.00
XR630Percutaneous nephrostomy£425.00£200.00
XR640Percutaneous creation of track to kidney for nephrolithotomy +/- insertion of stent£865.00£280.00
XR650Percutaneous pyelolysis£865.00£280.00
XR660Insertion of stent into ureters - unilateral£360.00£180.00
XR661Insertion of stent into ureters - bilateral£510.00£180.00
XR670Radiofrequency kidney ablation£1,150.00£250.00
XR910Insertion of central venous catheter - non-tunnelled (X-ray guided)£230.00£0.00
XR915Insertion of central venous catheter - tunnelled (X-ray guided)£370.00£150.00
XR917Peripherally inserted central venous catheters (PICCs) under X-ray guidance£230.00£0.00
XR918Peripherally inserted central venous catheters (PICCs) (without X-ray guidance)£0.00£0.00
XR920Cyst ablation under imaging control£370.00£0.00
XR930Bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling£0.00£0.00
XR935Insertion/Removal of vena cava filter£425.00£0.00
XR936Insertion of guidewire and/or marker into breast lesion under imaging control£200.00£160.00
XR940Retrieval of foreign body under X-ray guidance£500.00£225.00
XR950Occlusion of fistula under imaging control£700.00£0.00
XR951Ultrasound-guided compression repair of aneurysm (included pseudoaneurysm)£0.00£0.00
XR960Percutaneous thermal coagulation of mass£1,150.00£600.00
XR962Percutaneous chemical ablation of tumour - Ultrasound guided£1,150.00£390.00
XR963Percutaneous chemical ablation of tumour - CT guided£1,150.00£390.00
XR964Ablation liver lesion (radiofrequency)£1,150.00£610.00
XR967CT guided thermocoagulation of osteoid osteoma£1,150.00£200.00
XR968Colonic Stent Insertion£750.00£150.00
H5680Excision of pressure sore excluding repair£165.00£165.00
S0410Wide excision of sweat glands - bilateral axillae£350.00£250.00
S0450Thermolysis treatment for Hyperhidrosis (miraDry)£0.00£0.00
S0520Microscopically controlled excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue (Mohs micrographic surgery) with immediate reconstruction£790.00£155.00
S0521Microscopically controlled excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue (Mohs micrographic surgery) without reconstruction£400.00£150.00
S0602Primary excision of malignant lesion - Head & Neck£320.00£150.00
S0603Primary excision of malignant lesion - Trunk & Limbs£300.00£150.00
S0604Secondary excision of malignant lesion - Head & Neck£370.00£140.00
S0605Secondary excision of malignant lesion - Trunk & Limbs£320.00£130.00
S0606Photodynamic therapy to malignant lesion of skin - up to three£275.00£110.00
S0607Photodynamic therapy to malignant lesion of skin - four or more£320.00£110.00
S0608Sentinel lymph node biopsy for melanoma£370.00£300.00
S0632Excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue - up to three, Head & Neck (excluding lipoma)£150.00£150.00
S0633Excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue - up to three, Trunk & Limbs (excluding lipoma)£140.00£140.00
S0642Excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue - four or more, Head & Neck (excluding lipoma)£230.00£175.00
S0643Excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue - four or more, Trunk & Limbs (excluding lipoma)£220.00£190.00
S0651Removal of benign lesion on trunk or limbs less than 10 cm in diameter or on scalp less than 5cm in diameter (excluding lipoma)£150.00£140.00
S0652Removal of benign lesion on trunk or limbs greater than 10 cm in diameter or on scalp greater than 5 cm in diameter (excluding lipoma)£230.00£140.00
S0653Removal of benign lesion in muscle or deeper tissue (excluding lipoma)£250.00£120.00
S0654Removal of benign lesion on head and neck (excluding scalp) which is closed by primary closure or advancement flap (excluding lipoma)£300.00£160.00
S0655Removal of benign lesion on head and neck requiring flap closure (excluding advancement flap) (excluding lipoma)£330.00£180.00
S0656Removal of lipoma£230.00£120.00
S0820Curettage/cryotherapy of lesions of skin including cauterisation - four or more£200.00£110.00
S0922Laser destruction of lesion(s) of skin - up to 25cm2 in area£185.00£105.00
S0923Laser destruction of lesion(s) of skin - over 25cm2 in area£230.00£125.00
S0940Photodynamic therapy to non malignant lesions of skin£275.00£0.00
S1110Curettage/cryotherapy of lesion of skin including cauterisation - up to three£110.00£0.00
S1420Shave biopsy of lesion of skin£105.00£0.00
S1500Biopsy of skin or subcutaneous tissue£110.00£95.00
S1510Needle/tru-cut biopsy of muscle£110.00£0.00
S1700Distant flap - delay/division/inset£440.00£345.00
S1740Large myocutaneous (muscular/cutaneous) flap (9cm2 or more) including closure of secondary defect£760.00£430.00
S1750Large muscle flap (9cm2 or more) including skin graft and closure of secondary defect£690.00£275.00
S1900Distant pedicle flap - elevation including transfer (includng closure/grafting to secondary defect)£735.00£275.00
S2000Large island skin flap (9cm2 or more) (e.g. radial forearm) including closure of secondary defect£735.00£275.00
S2002Small island flap (less than 9cm2)£650.00£340.00
S2220Neurovascular island flap£760.00£325.00
S2500Local flap - less than 9cm2£500.00£200.00
S2502Local flap - 9cm2 or more (excluding graft/flap to secondary defect)£560.00£250.00
S2503Local flap - 9cm2 or more (including graft/flap to secondary defect)£610.00£150.00
S3100Re-exploration of free flap£1,150.00£610.00
S3102Thinning of skin graft flap£200.00£100.00
S3500Split autograft of skin, trunk and limbs - up to 25cm2 in area£275.00£200.00
S3530Split autograft of skin, trunk and limbs - over 25cm2 and up to 5% of body surface area£440.00£220.00
S3532Split autograft of skin, trunk and limbs - each additional 5% of body surface area£440.00£170.00
S3622Full thickness graft, trunk and limbs - up to 9cm2 in area£320.00£195.00
S3623Full thickness graft, trunk and limbs - each additional 25cm2 in area£370.00£195.00
S3624Full thickness graft, head, neck, hands & genitalia - up to 9cm2 in area£370.00£195.00
S3625Full thickness graft, head, neck, hands & genitalia - each additional 16cm2 in area£440.00£240.00
S4182Debridement and primary suture of wound with involvement of deeper tissue - Head & Neck£360.00£225.00
S4183Debridement and primary suture of wound with involvement of deeper tissue - Trunk & Limbs£340.00£220.00
S4212Debridement and primary suture of wound without involvement of deeper tissue (skin & subcutaneous fat only) - Head & Neck£300.00£185.00
S4213Debridement and primary suture of wound without involvement of deeper tissue (skin & subcutaneous fat only) - Trunk & Limbs£280.00£220.00
S4230Secondary suture of skin£135.00£100.00
S4480Removal of foreign body in deeper tissue£240.00£175.00
S4720Drainage of lesion of skin including abscess£125.00£100.00
S4740Drainage of large subcutaneous abscess/haematoma£160.00£140.00
S4812Insertion of skin expander into tissue£370.00£175.00
S4910Adjustment to skin expander in subcutaneous tissue£230.00£140.00
S4930Removal of skin expander or valve£280.00£130.00
S4950Fat transfer, including extraction and volume adjustment, of scar defect following trauma (excluding breast)£380.00£170.00
S5010Tumescent liposuction for lipoedema£400.00£180.00
S5240Two or more injections into subcutaneous tissue/painful trigger point under local anaesthetic£110.00£130.00
S5520Burn excision (wound/scar) head, neck, hands, feet & genitalia, up to 9cm2£320.00£145.00
S5522Burn excision (wound/scar) head, neck, hands, feet & genitalia, 9cm2 - 25cm2£370.00£160.00
S5523Burn excision (wound/scar) head, neck, hands, feet & genitalia, greater than 25cm2£440.00£200.00
S5524Burn excision (wound/scar) trunk & limbs (not more than 2% of body area)£320.00£145.00
S5525Burn excision (wound/scar) trunk & limbs (between 2% and 10% of body area)£320.00£145.00
S5526Burn excision (wound/scar) trunk & limbs (between 10% and 25% of body area)£400.00£225.00
S5532Dressing of burn of skin or subcutaneous tissue - less than 2%£120.00£120.00
S5533Dressing of burn of skin or subcutaneous tissue - 2%-10%£140.00£140.00
S5534Dressing of burn of skin or subcutaneous tissue - 10%-25%£160.00£165.00
S5535Dressing of burn of skin or subcutaneous tissue - greater than 25%£185.00£185.00
S5560Release of burn scar contracture, head, neck, hands, feet & genitalia£330.00£150.00
S5562Release of burn scar contracture, trunk & limbs£430.00£150.00
S5710Debridement of wound (and surgical toilet) - up to 25cm2 in area£150.00£140.00
S5712Debridement of wound (and surgical toilet) - over 25cm2 in area£155.00£150.00
S6022Skin resurfacing (laser/dermabrasion) - up to 25cm2 in area£185.00£130.00
S6023Skin resurfacing (laser/dermabrasion) - over 25cm2 in area£320.00£115.00
S6060Laser hair removal, from free flap reconstruction as result of tumour or pilonidal sinus£0.00£0.00
S6400Excision of nail bed (Zadik's) (including anaesthetic)£165.00£130.00
S7010Wedge excision or avulsion of nail including chemical ablation of nail bed£160.00£140.00
T7602Microvascular free tissue transfer (when added to other codes) including closure of secondary defect£1,150.00£800.00
T7603Microvascular free tissue transfer (as sole procedure including closure of secondary defect)£1,520.00£610.00
T7604Vein/artery graft as part of microvascular free tissue transfer£865.00£270.00
T7620Free functioning muscle transfer (as sole procedure) including closure of secondary defect£1,150.00£610.00
W0950Radical clearance of sarcoma of trunk or limbs, with or without amputation or insertion of prosthesis£865.00£375.00
W3180Free composite (i.e. including bone) vascularised grafts£1,150.00£610.00
22000Routine electroencephalography (EEG) in adult or child aged over 5 (including reporting)£105.00£0.00
22002Routine electroencephalography (EEG) in child under 5 (including reporting)£105.00£0.00
22003Sleep Electroencephalography (EEG)£105.00£0.00
2200424 hour ambulatory electroencephalography (EEG) (including reporting)£105.00£0.00
2200524 hour video telemetry electroencephalography (EEG) (including reporting)£105.00£0.00
22011Recording and reporting on evoked potential study£185.00£0.00
22022Recording and reporting on electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG); CTS (Bilateral upper limb only) or peripheral neuropathy£175.00£0.00
22023Recording and reporting on electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG); Mononeuropathy (e.g. ulnar), Cx/Lumbar radiculopathy, Myopathy£195.00£0.00
22024Recording and reporting on electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG); Mononeuritis Multiplex, MND - AHC, Multiple Muscle Monitoring (e.g. Tortcollis), Myaesthenia Gravis (-SFEMG)£195.00£0.00
22025Recording and reporting on electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG); Myaesthenia Gravis (+SFEMG)£195.00£0.00
22026Spinal monitoring - up to 4 hours£230.00£0.00
22027Spinal monitoring - more than 4 hours£425.00£0.00
22028Sleep study (polysomnography) including reporting£0.00£0.00
25010Paravertebral block up to two levels (without X-ray control)£175.00£140.00
25011Paravertebral block up to two levels (under x-ray control)£175.00£145.00
25012Sacral root block (under x-ray control)£195.00£110.00
25020Intravenous regional sympathetic block (guanethidine block) - 1 injection£155.00£0.00
25022Stellate ganglion block (Local Anaesthetic)£155.00£0.00
25030Stellate ganglion block (neurolytic)£175.00£0.00
25040IV regional anaesthesia (Bier’s block) administered by operator£155.00£0.00
25100Coeliac plexus block, splanchnic nerve block, hypogastric block - diagnostic£370.00£180.00
25110Coeliac plexus block, splanchnic nerve block, hypogastric block - therapeutic£370.00£180.00
25120Dorsal root ganglion block (local anaesthetic or neurolytic)£310.00£170.00
25130Dorsal root ganglion block (radiofrequency)£480.00£155.00
25140Intrathecal neurolysis£365.00£0.00
25150Trigeminal ganglion injection (local anaesthetic under x-ray control)£365.00£100.00
25160Trigeminal ganglion radiofrequency lesion (under X-ray control)£690.00£235.00
A4400Partial excision of spinal cord£1,520.00£470.00
A4500Open operations on spinal cord£1,520.00£470.00
A4730Percutaneous cordotomy of spinal cord£865.00£290.00
A4831Trial of neurostimulator to spinal cord (as sole procedure) not at time of permanent implant£0.00£0.00
A4832Implantation of neurostimulator to spinal cord£1,250.00£600.00
A4840Removal of neurostimulator from spinal cord or peripheral nerve£0.00£0.00
A4850Implantation/removal of intrathecal drug delivery system£130.00£0.00
A4860Implantation/removal of epidural delivery system£130.00£0.00
A4900Repair of spinal myelomeningocele£1,150.00£420.00
A5110Excision of intradural lesion£1,520.00£600.00
A5200Epidural injection (cervical)£230.00£150.00
A5210Epidural injection (lumbar)£185.00£125.00
A5211Epidural injection (caudal)£185.00£125.00
A5220Epidural injection (thoracic)£230.00£110.00
A5240Epiduroplasty (Racz catheter or equivalent)£350.00£90.00
A5290Transforaminal epidural£275.00£130.00
A5300Drainage of spinal canal (including insertion of shunt)£865.00£350.00
A5410Epidural blood patch£200.00£0.00
A5420Injection of therapeutic substance into CSF£155.00£135.00
A5530Lumbar puncture (including spinal manometry)£155.00£85.00
A5540Spinal angiogram£540.00£275.00
A5580CSF infusion studies£275.00£120.00
A5720Facet or sacroiliac joint (RF) radiofrequency thermocoagulation including rhizolysis (under X-ray control) - up to 3 joints£500.00£150.00
A5730Facet or sacroiliac joint (RF) radiofrequency thermocoagulation including rhizolysis (under X-ray control) - 4 to 6 joints£560.00£240.00
A5750Medial Branch Block or Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) - up to 2 joints£205.00£125.00
A5760Medial Branch Block or Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) - 3 to 4 joints£250.00£145.00
A5770Medial Branch Block or Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) - 5 to 6 joints£300.00£165.00
A5790Sacroiliac joint injection under image guidance (and bilateral)£185.00£115.00
A6012Cryosurgery of minor peripheral nerve (e.g. Mortons Neuroma) +/- ultrasound guidance +/- bursa +/- nerve stimulation£230.00£0.00
A6030Transection of peripheral nerve for neuroma£275.00£150.00
A6080Neurectomy (major nerve)£425.00£175.00
A6110Excision of lesion of peripheral nerve (e.g. neurilemoma)£320.00£175.00
A6180Excision of lesion of major nerve£455.00£175.00
A6400Repair of peripheral nerve£0.00£0.00
A6402Repair of major nerve£0.00£0.00
A6510Carpal tunnel release (open)£250.00£160.00
A6580Carpal tunnel release (open) - bilateral£400.00£260.00
A6600Release of entrapment of deeply placed peripheral nerve£275.00£150.00
A6700Release of entrapment of peripheral nerve£275.00£130.00
A6710Cubital tunnel release including endoscopic (without transposition)£275.00£150.00
A6711Cubital tunnel release including endoscopic-bilateral (without transposition)£400.00£220.00
A6810Neurolysis and transposition of peripheral nerve (excludes carpal tunnel release)£320.00£175.00
A6900Revision of release of peripheral nerve£500.00£175.00
A7010Implantation of neurostimulator to peripheral nerve£600.00£230.00
A7011Trial of neurostimulator to peripheral nerve (as sole procedure) not at time of permanent implant£200.00£200.00
A7012Gastroelectrical mechanical stimulation£0.00£0.00
A7020Replacement of neurostimulator to peripheral nerve£1,475.00£0.00
A7085Sacral nerve stimulation for faecal/urinary incontinence or constipation£700.00£220.00
A7300Radiofrequency (including pulsed denervation), cryoprobe or phenol for permanent lesion of major nerve trunk£230.00£0.00
A7302Continuous nerve block a sole procedure£210.00£0.00
A7310Biopsy of peripheral nerve£275.00£150.00
A7350Local anaesthetic blockade of major nerve trunk (including occipital block, spheno-palatine block, diagnostic block of trigeminal branch, intercostal nerve block & supra-scapular nerve block)£185.00£0.00
A7352Image-guided local anaesthetic blockade of named major nerve or plexus£180.00£0.00
A7500Lumbar sympathectomy : diagnostic (local anaesthetic under X-ray control)£320.00£0.00
A7510Thorascopic cervical sympathectomy£790.00£250.00
A7520Thoracic sympathectomy : diagnostic (local anaesthetic under X-ray control)£320.00£0.00
A7530Laparoscopic lumbar sympathectomy£610.00£250.00
A7600Lumbar sympathectomy : therapeutic (neurolytic under X-ray control)£425.00£150.00
A7620Thoracic sympathectomy : therapeutic (neurolytic under X-ray control)£500.00£150.00
A7682Presacral sympathectomy - diagnostic£500.00£200.00
A7683Presacral sympathectomy - therapeutic£500.00£200.00
AA460Destruction of branch of trigeminal nerve (neurolytic/RF/cryoprobe)£690.00£250.00
C2542Dacryocysto-rhinostomy (endoscopic/laser assisted), including insertion and later removal of tube£650.00£325.00
T6520Tendon sheath injection£120.00£100.00
T7290Trigger point injection/Enthesis - 1 injection£120.00£100.00
T7292Trigger point injection/Enthesis - more than 1 injection£130.00£0.00
V2200Posterior decompression +/- foraminotomy - cervical region (1 or 2 levels)£1,150.00£600.00
V2201Posterior decompression +/- foraminotomy - cervical region (3 or more levels)£1,200.00£600.00
V2282Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement – cervical region (1 or 2 levels)£1,520.00£930.00
V2283Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement - cervical region (3 or more levels)£1,800.00£950.00
V2300Revisional posterior decompression +/- foraminotomy (cervical region)£1,520.00£740.00
V2400Posterior decompression with fusion (thoracic region)£1,150.00£465.00
V2402Posterior decompression (thoracic region)£1,150.00£390.00
V2430Revisional posterior decompression with fusion (thoracic region)£1,520.00£510.00
V2500Primary posterior fusion +/- decompression +/- discectomy - lumbar region (1 or 2 levels)£925.00£500.00
V2501Primary posterior fusion +/- decompression +/- discectomy - lumbar region (3 or more levels)£1,000.00£500.00
V2510Endoscopic discectomy and/or decompression (transforaminal) - lumbar region£1,100.00£650.00
V2540Posterior excision of disc prolapse (including microdiscectomy +/- decompression) - lumbar region (1 or 2 levels)£830.00£460.00
V2541Posterior excision of disc prolapse (including microdiscectomy +/- decompression) - lumbar region (3 or more levels)£980.00£390.00
V2542Posterior excision of disc prolapse with undercutting facetectomy +/- decompression - lumbar region (1 or 2 levels)£830.00£460.00
V2543Revision of posterior excision of disc prolapse with undercutting facetectomy (lumbar region)£1,150.00£800.00
V2544Revision of posterior excision of disc prolapse (lumbar region)£925.00£550.00
V2546Posterior excision of disc prolapse with undercutting facetectomy +/- decompression - lumbar region (3 or more levels)£900.00£390.00
V2560Decompression for central spinal stenosis (1 or 2 levels)£830.00£450.00
V2562Decompression for central spinal stenosis (3 or more levels)£925.00£465.00
V2570Percutaneous vertebroplasty£900.00£400.00
V2652Revision posterior fusion +/- instrumentation (lumbar region)£1,520.00£600.00
V2660Revision of decompression for central spinal stenosis£1,150.00£615.00
V2680Revision anterior discectomy, decompression and anterior fusion +/- instrumentation (lumbar region)£1,300.00£700.00
V2900Anterior discectomy - cervical region (1 or 2 levels)£925.00£475.00
V2901Anterior discectomy - cervical region (3 or more levels)£1,000.00£600.00
V2902Revisional anterior discectomy (cervical region)£1,520.00£540.00
V2950Anterior discectomy, decompression and fusion (including bone grafting) - cervical region (1 or 2 levels)£1,150.00£500.00
V2951Anterior discectomy, decompression and fusion (including bone grafting) - cervical region (3 or more levels)£1,100.00£600.00
V2980Combined anterior and posterior fusion of cervical spine£1,900.00£800.00
V2990Open door laminoplasty of the cervical region (Hirobyashi)£1,150.00£560.00
V3100Combined anterior discectomy and posterior fusion (thoracic region)£1,450.00£600.00
V3102Revisional combined anterior discectomy and posterior fusion (thoracic region)£1,800.00£1,100.00
V3120Transthoracic/ anterolateral excision of intervertebral disc +/- fusion£1,520.00£450.00
V3122Revisional transthoracic/ anterolateral excision of intervertebral disc +/- fusion£1,800.00£1,100.00
V3140VATS percutaneous discectomy +/- fusion (thoracic region)£690.00£340.00
V3181Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement in the thoracic spine£1,520.00£875.00
V3300Minimally invasive intradiscal surgery (including laser/instrumentation) (lumbar region)£830.00£340.00
V3340Primary anterior discectomy, decompression and anterior fusion +/- instrumentation - lumbar region (1 or 2 levels)£1,150.00£560.00
V3341Primary anterior discectomy, decompression and anterior fusion +/- instrumentation - lumbar region (3 or more levels)£1,100.00£600.00
V3345Mobilisation of the lumbar/thoracic vessels to provide spinal surgical access (by vascular surgeon)£700.00£0.00
V3350Combined anterior approach discectomy, decompression and fusion and posterior fusion (lumbar region)£1,900.00£800.00
V3362Primary posterior fusion with instrumentation +/- decompression +/- discectomy (including graf stabilisation and all fusion approaches) (lumbar region)£1,520.00£550.00
V3380Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement – lumbar region (1 or 2 levels)£1,520.00£1,150.00
V3381Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement – lumbar region (3 or more levels)£1,600.00£950.00
V3472Revision of minimally invasive intradiscal surgery (lumbar region)£1,150.00£425.00
V3720Posterior fusion +/- instrumentation - cervical region (1 or 2 levels)£1,150.00£560.00
V3721Posterior fusion +/- instrumentation - cervical region (3 or more levels)£1,250.00£600.00
V3730Trans-oral surgery - including posterior fixation£1,800.00£750.00
V4000Combined anterior and posterior correction and instrumentation, +/-fusion of idiopathic juvenile scoliosis (including spinal monitoring)£2,500.00£1,200.00
V4010Posterior correction of idiopathic juvenile kyphosis with instrumentation, +/-fusion (including spinal cord monitoring)£2,500.00£1,000.00
V4080Anterolateral access with instrumentation +/- decompression +/- discectomy (including graf stabilisation and all fusion approaches) - lumbar region (1 or 2 levels)£1,900.00£650.00
V4081Anterolateral access with instrumentation +/- decompression +/- discectomy (including graf stabilisation and all fusion approaches) - lumbar region (3 or more levels)£2,100.00£750.00
V4100Posterior correction of idiopathic juvenile scoliosis with instrumentation, +/-fusion (including spinal cord monitoring)£2,500.00£1,000.00
V4110Correction of idiopathic juvenile scoliosis with insertion of spinal magnetic growth rods, +/-fusion (including spinal cord monitoring)£2,600.00£1,000.00
V4120Anterior correction of idiopathic juvenile scoliosis with instrumentation, +/-fusion (including spinal cord monitoring)£2,500.00£1,000.00
V4122Anterior correction of idiopathic juvenile kyphosis with instrumentation, +/-fusion (including spinal cord monitoring)£2,500.00£1,000.00
V4140Removal of posterior spinal implant£500.00£280.00
V4142Removal of posterior scoliosis instrumentation (as sole procedure)£500.00£275.00
V4150Anterior correction of degenerative adult kyphosis with instrumentation, +/-fusion (including spinal cord monitoring)£1,800.00£850.00
V4160Posterior correction of degenerative adult kyphosis with instrumentation, +/-fusion (including spinal cord monitoring)£1,900.00£850.00
V4180Distraction of spinal magnetic growth rods for idiopathic juvenile scoliosis£450.00£180.00
V4280Correction of degenerative scoliosis including decompression +/- fusion (including spinal cord monitoring)£2,250.00£950.00
V4300Anterior vertebrectomy with decompression and implant£2,050.00£775.00
V4302Combined anterior vertebrectomy with posterior fusion and instrumentation£2,050.00£1,000.00
V4451Balloon kyphoplasty - single level£900.00£300.00
V4452Balloon kyphoplasty - two levels£1,100.00£400.00
V4453Balloon kyphoplasty - greater than two levels£1,200.00£500.00
V4740Image guided percutaneous spinal biopsy£600.00£250.00
V4742Spinal endoscopy£600.00£250.00
V4900Open biopsy of lesion of spine where no other operative procedure on the spine is performed£575.00£210.00
V4980Excision of intramedullary tumour£2,250.00£900.00
V5002Manipulation of spine under GA/IV sedation (as sole procedure)£110.00£130.00
V5003Manipulation of spine without GA/IV sedation (as sole procedure)£110.00£0.00
V5210Chemonucleolysis (multiple levels)£610.00£145.00
V5230Discogram/Diagnostic intervertebral disc injection under X-ray control£185.00£120.00
V5250Radiofrequency lesioning of intervertebral disc under X-ray control£0.00£0.00
V5282Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET)£0.00£0.00
V5484Interspinous dynamic stabilisation procedure£790.00£350.00
V5486Pedicle based dynamic soft stabilisation procedure (eg Graf ligament)£1,150.00£600.00
V5487Pedicle based dynamic semi-rigid stabilisation procedure (eg AccuFlex)£1,150.00£400.00
V5488Total facet replacement procedure£0.00£0.00
V6080Percutaneous disc decompression using coblation£0.00£0.00
W0660Coccygectomy (multiple levels)£425.00£175.00
W2912Application of halo (as sole procedure)£185.00£150.00
X3750Botulinum toxin injections to muscle£110.00£100.00
X3760Simple intramuscular injection, without X-ray control (as sole procedure)£90.00£0.00
Y0910Sclerosant injections - Prolotherapy (e.g. ligaments of back)£130.00£0.00
Y3800Insertion of indwelling axillary catheter£230.00£0.00
Y3810Insertion of indwelling pleural catheter£230.00£120.00
Y3820Insertion of indwelling psoas catheter£230.00£130.00
64302Transoesophageal echocardiography (including reporting) (as sole procedure)£320.00£140.00
A7560VATS sympathectomy - unilateral£790.00£250.00
A7561VATS sympathectomy - bilateral£1,150.00£380.00
AA588Coronary angioplasty standby team£255.00£200.00
B1800Thymectomy for myasthenia gravis£690.00£470.00
BT260Planning for insertion and removal of radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into carcinoma of the oesophagus, bronchus or stomach£660.00£0.00
BT270Insertion and removal of radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into carcinoma of the oesophagus, bronchus or stomach£425.00£0.00
E4400Carinal resection +/- pneumonectomy£2,240.00£1,075.00
E4600Sleeve resection of bronchus or pulmonary artery with pulmonary resection£1,900.00£450.00
E4722Thoracotomy and closure of bronchopleural fistula£820.00£246.00
E5430Pulmonary lobectomy including segmental resection£1,900.00£600.00
E5432VATS lobectomy£1,520.00£360.00
E5442VATS wedge resection of lung£700.00£420.00
E5480Lung resection with resection of chest wall£1,900.00£575.00
E5520Open excision of lesion of lung£925.00£550.00
E5532Thoractomy and lung biopsy as sole procedure£925.00£550.00
E5533Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of malignant neoplasm of lung£1,200.00£450.00
E5540Laser resection of lung metastases£0.00£0.00
E5590VATS bullectomy - unilateral£320.00£150.00
E5591VATS bullectomy - bilateral£500.00£240.00
E5592VATS lung volume reduction - unilateral£610.00£285.00
E5593VATS lung volume reduction - bilateral£925.00£450.00
E5594VATS debridement of empyema£560.00£200.00
E5700Thoracotomy lung volume reduction - bilateral£1,520.00£610.00
E5702Thoracotomy lung volume reduction - unilateral£925.00£380.00
E5703Thoracotomy bullectomy - bilateral£1,520.00£610.00
E5704Thoracotomy bullectomy - unilateral +/- pleurodesis in presence of emphesyma£925.00£380.00
E5705Thoracotomy pleurectomy/pleurodesis +/- ligation of bullae for pneumothorax£790.00£285.00
E5910Needle biopsy of lung£155.00£95.00
E5932VATS lung biopsy£370.00£175.00
E6100Open resection of invasive mediastinal tumour£950.00£850.00
E6110Open excision of mediastinal tumour including congenital cysts/posterior chest wall lesions£735.00£550.00
E6200VATS excision lesion of mediastinum including thymectomy£690.00£155.00
E6300Diagnostic mediastinoscopy£500.00£160.00
E6310Endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) for mediastinal masses£500.00£225.00
G0300Sub-total oesophagectomy with anastomosis in neck£1,500.00£800.00
G0730Repair of congenital oesophageal atresia (with or without fistula)£1,150.00£745.00
G0740Repair of ruptured oesophagus£1,150.00£745.00
G0922VATS oesophageal/oesophogastric myotomy£690.00£285.00
G1400VATS excision lesion of oesophagus£610.00£325.00
G1470Fibreoptic endoscopic photodynamic therapy (PDT) of lesion of oesophagus£500.00£150.00
G2312Transthoracic repair of paraoesophageal hiatus hernia£925.00£310.00
G4610Transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF)£900.00£380.00
K0120Revision of transplantation of heart and lung£0.00£0.00
K0180Allotransplantation of heart and lung£0.00£0.00
K0210Allotransplantation of heart£2,240.00£0.00
K0230Implantation of total artificial heart £0.00£0.00
K0400Correction of tetralogy of Fallot£2,240.00£1,100.00
K0500Atrial inversion for transposition of great vessels£2,240.00£1,040.00
K0530Double switch procedure (arterial & atrial)£2,240.00£1,100.00
K0700Correction of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection£2,240.00£1,100.00
K0900Repair of complete atrioventricular septal defect£2,240.00£1,100.00
K0930Closure of partial atrioventricular septal defect£2,240.00£1,100.00
K1000Closure of defect of interatrial septum (secundum Atrial Septal Defect or Patent Foramen Ovale)£2,240.00£1,250.00
K1100Closure of defect of interventricular septum£2,240.00£950.00
K1180Endovascular closure of permimembranous ventricular septal defect£950.00£510.00
K1200Norwood stage 1 procedure£2,240.00£1,100.00
K1600Therapeutic transluminal operations on atrial septum of heart£950.00£850.00
K1680Transluminal closure of septal defect / patent foramen ovale£950.00£940.00
K1690Non-surgical reduction of myocardial septum (e.g. alcohol septal ablation)£2,240.00£1,100.00
K1800Placement of valve to cardiac conduit£2,240.00£1,005.00
K1850Revision placement of valve to cardiac conduit£2,240.00£1,100.00
K2280Percutaneous occlusion of left atrial appendage£1,200.00£600.00
K2310Excision of cardiac tumour£2,240.00£1,100.00
K2340Direct (laser) percutaneous myocardial revascularisation£950.00£950.00
K2540Replacement of mitral valve with sub-valve preservation (including biopsies)£2,240.00£935.00
K2542Revision replacement of mitral valve£2,500.00£1,200.00
K2543Minimally invasive replacement of mitral valve£2,240.00£1,000.00
K2560Robotic assisted replacement or repair of mitral valve£0.00£0.00
K2580Repair of mitral valve£2,240.00£1,000.00
K2590Percutaneous mitral valve leaflet repair£2,240.00£1,150.00
K2600Replacement or repair of aortic valve£2,240.00£1,035.00
K2602Minimally invasive replacement of aortic valve£2,240.00£1,000.00
K2610Ross procedure£2,240.00£1,100.00
K2612Replacement of aortic valve with homograft or stentless porcine£2,240.00£1,100.00
K2613Revision replacement of aortic valve£2,500.00£1,100.00
K2700Replacement of tricuspid valve (including valvuloplasty)£2,240.00£1,000.00
K2780Repair of tricuspid valve, e.g. for Ebstein's disease£2,240.00£1,100.00
K2800Replacement of pulmonary valve (including valvuloplasty/valvotomy)£2,240.00£1,040.00
K2810Percutaneous replacement/implantation of pulmonary valve£1,700.00£860.00
K3100Open valvotomy£2,240.00£1,040.00
K3210Closed mitral valvotomy£1,520.00£780.00
K3500Therapeutic transluminal operation(s) on valve of heart£905.00£665.00
K3580Trans catheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)£2,240.00£1,000.00
K4100Bypass for coronary artery(ies) including harvesting of grafts and endarterectomy£2,400.00£1,200.00
K4180Robotic assisted bypass for coronary artery(ies) including harvesting of grafts and endarterectomy (CABG)£0.00£0.00
K4410Revision bypass for coronary artery(ies) (including harvesting of grafts)£2,600.00£1,300.00
K4600Off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) (including harvesting of grafts)£2,505.00£1,200.00
K4610Minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB) including harvesting of graft£2,505.00£1,200.00
K4880Correction of anomalous coronary arteries£2,240.00£1,100.00
K4900Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of coronary artery(ies) (including laser)£900.00£450.00
K4902Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of coronary artery(ies) with intravascular ultrasound (including laser)£940.00£540.00
K4910Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of coronary artery(ies) with stent insertion£1,100.00£540.00
K4912Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of coronary artery(ies) with stent insertion and intravascular ultrasound£1,150.00£450.00
K4920Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of coronary artery(ies) for chronic total occlusions (CTO), +/- insertion of stent£1,500.00£500.00
K5020Coronary angiography proceeding to angioplasty on the same day, +/- insertion of stent£1,150.00£560.00
K5040Rotablation of coronary vessel(s) percutaneous transluminal rotational atherectomy (PCRS) +/- insertion of stent£1,520.00£650.00
K5050Coronary angioplasty following angiography with intravascular ultrasound on the same day, +/- insertion of stent£1,200.00£650.00
K5120Intravascular ultrasound of coronary arteries (as sole procedure)£380.00£250.00
K5200Open operation(s) on conducting system of heart£2,170.00£885.00
K5280Map guided surgery for ventricular arrhythmias (including mapping)£1,000.00£900.00
K5283Complex Cox lesion set maze operation£2,240.00£900.00
K5330Repair of post infarction ventricular septal defect£2,240.00£950.00
K5380Repair of ventricular aneurysm£2,240.00£935.00
K5530Ventriculoplasty, including ventriculectomy (Batista operation)£2,240.00£950.00
K5710Ablation of atrio-ventricular junction (including mapping)£950.00£300.00
K5720Ablation of AV nodal re-entry tachycardia (including mapping)£1,400.00£500.00
K5730Ablation of atrial arrhythmia (including mapping)£1,400.00£600.00
K5740Ablation of ventricular arrhythmia (including mapping)£1,400.00£300.00
K5750Internal cardioversion£500.00£165.00
K5760Ablation of atrial fibrillation by isolation of the pulmonary veins (including mapping)£1,600.00£600.00
K5765Robotic assisted ablation of atrial fibrillation by isolation of the pulmonary veins (including mapping)£0.00£0.00
K5770Ablation of arrhythmia in complex congenital heart disease (including mapping)£1,520.00£500.00
K5780Ablation of accessory pathway or selected modification of AV node (including mapping).£1,450.00£700.00
K5790Ablation of left atrial tachycardia (including mapping)£1,450.00£500.00
K5810Diagnostic intracardiac electrophysiological study including characterisation of intracardiac conduction and any testing of anti-arrhythmic drug efficacy by programmed stimulation£500.00£240.00
K5830Endomyocardial Biopsy£300.00£250.00
K6000Cardiac pacemaker system introduced through vein (single chamber)£560.00£375.00
K6010Cardiac pacemaker system introduced through vein (dual chamber)£650.00£375.00
K6015Implantation of biventricular pacemaker£950.00£510.00
K6020Resiting of Pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)£450.00£240.00
K6030Replacement of generator for intravenous cardiac pacemaker system (without lead change)£500.00£220.00
K6040Removal of pacing system with bypass£2,240.00£775.00
K6050Replacement implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), without lead change£700.00£0.00
K6060Lead replacement for Pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)£600.00£300.00
K6070Implant of temporary pacing electrode (as sole procedure)£230.00£0.00
K6080Removal of pacing system without bypass (including leads)£185.00£275.00
K6082Removal of pacing system (generator only)£275.00£200.00
K6100Insertion of single chamber implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)£1,000.00£325.00
K6105Insertion of dual chamber implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)£1,250.00£340.00
K6111Insertion of combined biventricular pacemaker and cardioverter defibrillator (CRT-D)£1,520.00£575.00
K6115Insertion of an implantable cardioverter defibrillator with subcutaneous leads (subcutaneous ICD)£1,250.00£370.00
K6180Short-term circulatory support with left ventricular assist device£2,240.00£1,075.00
K6511Adult cardiac catheterisation - femoral access (including coronary arteriography/ catheterisation of right/left side of heart/contrast radiology)£420.00£275.00
K6513Adult cardiac catheterisation - radial access (including coronary arteriography/ catheterisation of right/left side of heart/contrast radiology)£450.00£300.00
K6514Adult cardiac catheterisation - brachial access (including coronary arteriography/ catheterisation of right/left side of heart/contrast radiology)£420.00£250.00
K6520Paediatric cardiac catheterisation£500.00£240.00
K6581Coronary angioplasty following angiography with fractional flow study on the same day, +/- insertion of stent£1,150.00£600.00
K6582Adult cardiac catheterisation - radial access (including coronary arteriography/catheterisation of right/left side of heart/ contrast radiology) - with pressure wire (including fractional flow reserve measurement)£560.00£300.00
K6584Adult cardiac catheterisation - femoral access (including coronary arteriography/ catheterisation of right/left side of heart/ contrast radiology) - with pressure wire (including fractional flow reserve measurement)£500.00£300.00
K6586Adult cardiac catheterisation - brachial access (including coronary arteriography/catheterisation of right/left side of heart / contrast radiology) - with pressure wire (including fractional flow reserve measurement)£500.00£300.00
K6590Coronary angiography including intravascular ultrasound£500.00£300.00
K6810Decompression of cardiac tamponade or re-exploration for bleeding£735.00£340.00
L0110Correction of truncus arteriosus£1,520.00£1,005.00
L0200Closed ligation of patent ductus arteriosus£1,150.00£665.00
L0230VATS closure of patent ductus arteriosus£1,150.00£610.00
L0310Percutaneous transluminal prosthetic occlusion of patent ductus arteriosus£925.00£390.00
L0610Formation of atrio-pulmonary connection (or any modification of Fontan type procedure)£1,900.00£610.00
L0620Creation of communication between pulmonary artery and aorta£1,900.00£650.00
L0710Creation of shunt from subclavian artery to pulmonary artery£1,520.00£610.00
L0900Formation of cavo-pulmonary shunt (Glenn)£1,520.00£385.00
L1080Open operations/repair of pulmonary artery£1,150.00£650.00
L1240Pulmonary embolectomy£2,000.00£1,030.00
L1300Transluminal operations on pulmonary artery£865.00£470.00
L1400Pulmonary endarterectomy£2,000.00£1,030.00
L1810Repair of leaking aneurysm of ascending aorta£2,240.00£1,045.00
L1880Repair of leaking aneurysm of arch of aorta£2,240.00£1,095.00
L1890Repair of leaking aneurysm of thoracic aorta£2,240.00£1,045.00
L1892Immediate repair of aortic dissection (i.e. within two weeks of happening)£1,520.00£900.00
L1910Elective repair of aneurysm of ascending aorta£2,240.00£1,350.00
L1980Elective repair of aneurysm of arch of aorta£2,240.00£1,150.00
L1990Elective repair of aneurysm of thoracic aorta£2,240.00£1,045.00
L1992Delayed repair of aortic dissection (i.e. more than two weeks after happening)£2,240.00£1,100.00
L2190Replacement of graft of thoraco-abdominal aneurysms Or Revision of prosthesis of thoraco-abdominal aorta£2,240.00£1,045.00
L2200Revision of prosthesis of abdominal aorta£2,810.00£650.00
L2290Excision of infected aortic graft with bypass£2,240.00£1,045.00
L2302Coarctation repair£1,520.00£550.00
L2303Coarctation repair involving prosthetic graft£1,520.00£550.00
L2350Revision operation on ascending aorta and proximal descending aorta£2,810.00£1,100.00
L2360Repair of interrupted aortic arch£2,240.00£1,100.00
L2382Aortic root replacement with valve conduit or homograft and/or remodelling£2,240.00£1,200.00
L2560Percutaneous or open placement of intra-aortic balloon (including subsequent removal)£560.00£180.00
L2600Percutaneous transluminal balloon operations on aorta£560.00£260.00
L2710Endovascular aneursym repair (EVAR) of infrarenal aorta£1,520.00£500.00
L7042Arterial switch procedure for transposition of great vessels£2,240.00£1,100.00
L8110Creation of peritoneo-venous shunt (Levine/Denver)£440.00£350.00
T0132Excision of chest wall tumour - with chest wall reconstruction£760.00£300.00
T0133Excision of chest wall tumour - without chest wall reconstruction£560.00£275.00
T0210Correction of pectus deformity of chest wall (or other congenital defect thereof)£925.00£300.00
T0212Secondary correction of scoliosis-related chest wall deformity (posterior costoplasty) (as sole procedure)£925.00£270.00
T0320Exploratory thoracotomy£610.00£275.00
T0710Decortication of pleura of lung£1,150.00£430.00
T0810Resection of rib and open drainage of pleural cavity£500.00£245.00
T0910Open pleural biopsy as sole procedure£865.00£300.00
T1030VATS pleurodesis/pleurectomy£790.00£290.00
T1032Thoracoscopy and drainage and chemical pleurodesis£370.00£150.00
T1100Diagnostic thoracoscopy (+/- biopsy)£370.00£195.00
T1220Drainage of pleural cavity£185.00£100.00
T1240Insertion of tube drain into pleural cavity£185.00£95.00
T1300Introduction of substance into pleural cavity with chest drain£110.00£85.00
T1410Needle biopsy of pleura£185.00£100.00
T1480Insertion of pleuro-peritoneal shunt£370.00£190.00
T1500Repair of rupture of diaphragm£925.00£430.00
T1620Plication of paralysed diaphragm£760.00£365.00
T8510Radical dissection of cervical lymph nodes£925.00£550.00
T8580Block dissection of pelvic lymph nodes (as sole procedure)£650.00£300.00
T8610Biopsy/sampling of cervical lymph nodes£130.00£140.00
T8722Selective dissection of cervical lymph nodes, Levels 1 to 4£925.00£350.00
T8723Selective dissection of cervical lymph nodes, Levels 1 to 5 (+/-6)£925.00£340.00
W7042Cannulation or decannulation for ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation)£735.00£380.00
X5020External cardioversion£155.00£150.00
A7081Percutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) for overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome or faecal incontinence£210.00£0.00
BT211Planning for insertion and removal of a radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into prostate tumour£875.00£250.00
BT212Insertion of low dose radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into prostate tumour£725.00£450.00
BT222Insertion and removal of high dose radioactive agent (brachytherapy) into prostate tumour£725.00£445.00
M0100Transplantation of kidney£1,375.00£600.00
M0102Transplantation of kidney - 1st and 2nd transplant£1,375.00£775.00
M0103Transplantation of kidney - 3rd transplant£1,375.00£775.00
M0104Transplantation of kidney into patient with abnormal, augmented or absent bladder£1,400.00£775.00
M0210Nephrectomy and excision of perirenal tissue£900.00£375.00
M0220Nephro-ureterectomy - unilateral£1,000.00£450.00
M0221Nephro-ureterectomy - bilateral£1,000.00£350.00
M0222Nephro-ureterectomy for live donor transplantation£800.00£240.00
M0250Nephrectomy - unilateral£725.00£240.00
M0251Nephrectomy - bilateral£850.00£300.00
M0260Transplant nephrectomy£675.00£265.00
M0280Laparoscopic nephrectomy£900.00£540.00
M0282Laparoscopic nephroureterectomy£1,000.00£450.00
M0283Robotic assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy£900.00£0.00
M0300Open partial nephrectomy£900.00£375.00
M0302Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy£900.00£375.00
M0303Robotic assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy£900.00£0.00
M0312Laparoscopic renal cryotherapy or cryoablation (including endoscopic catheter insertion and retrograde pyelography)£690.00£300.00
M0380Laparoscopic upper or lower pole heminephrectomy£850.00£810.00
M0412De-roofing and aspiration of renal para pelvic cyst£460.00£160.00
M0510Open pyeloplasty£675.00£220.00
M0550Repair of kidney wound£575.00£245.00
M0610Open removal of calculus from kidney£625.00£220.00
M0680Drainage of pyonephrosis£520.00£245.00
M0800Other open operations on kidney£520.00£240.00
M0812Open biopsy of renal transplant£420.00£200.00
M0813Percutaneous biopsy of renal transplant£200.00£120.00
M0814Open biopsy of native kidney£420.00£200.00
M0820Renal artery denervation£0.00£0.00
M0840Exploration of renal transplant for bleeding£525.00£200.00
M0880Open drainage of perinephric abscess£470.00£220.00
M0910Endoscopic fragmentation of calculi of kidney (including cystoscopy and insertion/removal of stent)£550.00£240.00
M0940Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (including cystoscopy and retrograde catheterisation)£1,000.00£400.00
M0941Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (including cystoscopy and retrograde catheterisation) (involving two specialties)£1,000.00£450.00
M1000Therapeutic endoscopic operations on kidney (include cystoscopy and retrograde catheterisation)£600.00£200.00
M1080Laparoscopic pyeloplasty£770.00£525.00
M1090Robotic assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty£770.00£580.00
M1110Diagnostic endoscopic examination of kidney (including biopsy)£500.00£235.00
M1120Diagnostic ureterorenoscopy (+/- cystoscopy)£500.00£235.00
M1130Therapeutic ureterorenoscopy (+/- cystoscopy and insertion/removal of stent)£570.00£245.00
M1310Percutaneous fine needle biopsy of lesion of kidney£215.00£115.00
M1350Antegrade pyelogram (including bilateral)£225.00£150.00
M1360Percutaneous insertion of nephrostomy tube£400.00£150.00
M1380Percutaneous tru-cut needle biopsy of lesion of kidney£250.00£170.00
M1400Extracorporeal fragmentation of calculus of kidney (lithotripsy) - single treatment£280.00£175.00
M1820Excision of segment of ureter£525.00£220.00
M1910Construction of ileal conduit including ureteric implantation£800.00£365.00
M2012Replantation of ureter into bowel (including bilateral)£770.00£270.00
M2030Bilateral replantation of ureter into bladder£730.00£300.00
M2080Unilateral replantation of ureter into bladder (including cystoscopy)£620.00£400.00
M2100Other connection of ureter£620.00£260.00
M2130Ileal or colonic replacement of ureter£820.00£300.00
M2160Reconstruction of transplant ureter£600.00£240.00
M2200Ureterostomy - closure£650.00£210.00
M2202Ureterostomy - formation£700.00£240.00
M2210Open correction vesico-ureteric reflux - unilateral£650.00£220.00
M2280Open correction vesico-ureteric reflux - bilateral£760.00£300.00
M2310Open ureterolithotomy (including cystoscopy)£510.00£220.00
M2510Excision of ureterocele (with or wihout ureteric reimplantation) - unilateral£620.00£440.00
M2511Excision of ureterocele (with or wihout ureteric reimplantation) - bilateral£720.00£580.00
M2530Ureterolysis - unilateral£675.00£220.00
M2580Ureterolysis - bilateral£775.00£450.00
M2600Therapeutic nephroscopic operations on ureter (including cystoscopy)£500.00£375.00
M2680Endoscopic removal and insertion of prosthesis into ureter (including cystoscopy)£340.00£165.00
M2730Ureteroscopic extraction of calculus of ureter (including cystoscopy and insertion/removal of stent)£520.00£170.00
M2890Push manipulation of stone prior to lithotripsy (as sole procedure)£300.00£150.00
M2920Endoscopic insertion/removal of prosthesis into ureter (including bilateral and cystoscopy, +/- pyelography)£340.00£165.00
M2930Removal of prosthesis from ureter (including cystoscopy)£240.00£150.00
M2932Cystoscopy and removal of transplant stent£240.00£150.00
M2981Endoscopic vesico-ureteric anti-reflux procedure (and bilateral) (including cystoscopy)£300.00£155.00
M3000Endoscopic examination of ureter (+/- cystoscopy and insertion/removal of stent)£300.00£145.00
M3010Endoscopic retrograde pyelography (including bilateral and cystoscopy)£290.00£165.00
M3110Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy of calculus of ureter£290.00£220.00
M3111Holmium Laser Lithotripsy for calculi of ureter (including cystoscopy and insertion/removal of stent)£500.00£150.00
M3202Operations on ureteric orifice (including endoscopic)£240.00£175.00
M3400Open total cystectomy (with construction of intestinal conduit or bladder)£2,000.00£750.00
M3410Robotic assisted laparoscopic cystectomy without prostatectomy (with construction of intestinal conduit or bladder)£2,000.00£700.00
M3412Laparoscopic cystoprostatectomy (with construction of intestinal conduit or bladder)£2,100.00£750.00
M3420Laparoscopic cystectomy (with construction of intestinal conduit or bladder) (including cystoscopy)£2,000.00£750.00
M3500Partial cystectomy (including cystoscopy)£800.00£297.00
M3510Diverticulectomy of bladder£650.00£220.00
M3600Enterocystoplasty (including cystoscopy)£850.00£260.00
M3602Enterocystoplasty (including cystoscopy)£850.00£450.00
M3640Repair of bladder exstrophy£825.00£200.00
M3700Repair of bladder (including cystoscopy)£575.00£220.00
M3720Repair of vesicocolic fistula£750.00£265.00
M3780Repair of cutaneous vesical fistula£390.00£265.00
M3820Cystostomy and insertion of suprapubic tube into bladder (including cystoscopy)£325.00£225.00
M3880Stab cystotomy£250.00£85.00
M3900Open removal of calculus from bladder (including cystoscopy)£475.00£160.00
M4110Open excision of lesion from bladder (including cystoscopy)£475.00£220.00
M4210Endoscopic resection of lesion of bladder (including cystoscopy)£470.00£300.00
M4230Endoscopic destruction of lesion of bladder (including cystoscopy)£300.00£170.00
M4310Endoscopic transection of bladder (including cystoscopy)£470.00£240.00
M4320Endoscopic hydrostatic distention of bladder (including cystoscopy)£265.00£165.00
M4400Urethral sphincterotomy (including cystoscopy)£310.00£150.00
M4410Litholapaxy (including cystoscopy)£450.00£230.00
M4420Endoscopic extraction of calculus of bladder (including cystoscopy)£340.00£150.00
M4430Endoscopic removal of foreign body from bladder (including cystoscopy)£350.00£145.00
M4480Resection of bladder neck (including cystoscopy)£425.00£160.00
M4510Diagnostic endoscopic examination of bladder (flexible cystoscopy) including any biopsy£250.00£165.00
M4512Examination of bladder using hexaminolevulinate blue-light fluorescence cystoscopy +/- resection of lesions£290.00£150.00
M4514Endoscopic examination of bladder (rigid cystoscopy) including any biopsy£250.00£165.00
M4712Bladder instillation of pharmacologic agent (including cystoscopy)£260.00£0.00
M4713Bladder instillation as sole procedure£185.00£110.00
M4714Therapeutic injection into bladder wall (including cystoscopy)£275.00£140.00
M4740Ambulatory urodynamic studies£0.00£0.00
M4780Invasive urodynamic assessment including cystoscopy and pressure/flow measurements£300.00£0.00
M4910Closure of cystostomy£240.00£145.00
M4932Removal suprapubic catheter (as sole procedure)£110.00£110.00
M5250Needle suspension of bladder neck (including cystoscopy)£520.00£200.00
M5520Implantation of artificial urinary sphincter at bladder neck and/or removal (including cystoscopy)£700.00£500.00
M5580Excision of urethral caruncle£275.00£100.00
M5600Therapeutic endoscopic operations on outlet of female bladder (including cystoscopy)£275.00£150.00
M5630Therapeutic injection into bladder neck for treatment of stress incontinence (peri-urethral bulking agents), including cystoscopy£270.00£150.00
M5820Dilatation of outlet of female bladder (with cystoscopy)£270.00£165.00
M6100Open excision of prostatic adenoma£625.00£240.00
M6180Radical prostatectomy, reconstruction of bladder neck including bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy (including cystoscopy)£1,900.00£850.00
M6182Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, reconstruction of bladder neck including bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy (including cystoscopy)£1,900.00£850.00
M6192Robot assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (including cystoscopy)£1,900.00£850.00
M6480Operation to support outlet of male bladder (including sling procedures) (including cystoscopy)£550.00£200.00
M6530Endoscopic resection of prostate (TUR) (including cystoscopy)£660.00£375.00
M6532Holmium laser resection of prostate (HoLRP) (including cystoscopy)£660.00£375.00
M6533Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostatic Adenoma (HoLEP)£660.00£250.00
M6580Endoscopic biopsy of prostate (including cystoscopy)£290.00£150.00
M6582Transperineal template-guided biopsies of the prostate under image guidance£375.00£270.00
M6583Transperineal MRI – US fusion targeted prostate biopsy£375.00£270.00
M6584Transrectal MRI – US fusion targeted prostate biopsy£375.00£270.00
M6620Endoscopic incision of outlet of male bladder (with cystoscopy)£450.00£150.00
M6712Prostatic cryotherapy£670.00£540.00
M6720Transurethral microwave therapy£470.00£165.00
M6730Drainage of prostatic abscess£400.00£155.00
M6750Transurethral needle ablation (TUNA)£400.00£170.00
M6760Photoselective vaporisation of prostate (green light/niagra laser pvp) (including cystoscopy)£650.00£375.00
M6762Photoselective vaporisation of prostate (KTP laser PVP) (including cystoscopy)£650.00£240.00
M6770High intensity focused ultrasound of prostate (including cystoscopy)£1,200.00£600.00
M6780Prostatic hyperthermia (up to six courses)£570.00£165.00
M6880Insertion of prostatic urethral lift implants£440.00£375.00
M7020Transrectal sextant needle biopsy of prostate with ultrasound guidance£275.00£110.00
M7030Limited/single core transrectal needle biopsy of prostate +/- ultrasound guidance£240.00£130.00
M7080Insertion of urethral stent for relief of prostatic obstruction (including cystoscopy)£470.00£240.00
M7280Urethral valve resection£450.00£160.00
M7312Repair of penile/perineal hypospadias£665.00£220.00
M7313Repair of penile shaft hypospadias£640.00£220.00
M7314Repair of distal hypospadias£575.00£220.00
M7315Secondary adjustment of penile skin following hypospadias repair£325.00£220.00
M7316Complex secondary repair of hypospadias£650.00£220.00
M7320Repair of epispadias£720.00£220.00
M7330Closure of fistula of urethra (including cystoscopy)£420.00£155.00
M7332Closure of fistula of urethra after hypospadias£420.00£155.00
M7340Repair of urethrorectal fistula£620.00£220.00
M7360Simple urethroplasty, eg primary repair, anterior urethra (including cystoscopy)£525.00£180.00
M7361Complex urethroplasty, eg revision surgery of the anterior urethra, posterior urethra, +/- grafting (including cystoscopy)£650.00£280.00
M7380Repair of rupture of urethra (including cystoscopy)£600.00£220.00
M7500Excision of diverticulum of urethra (including cystoscopy)£440.00£155.00
M7590Insertion of suburethral tape including administration of local anaesthetic by operating surgeon (including cystoscopy)£550.00£300.00
M7620Removal of foreign body from urethra£265.00£150.00
M7700Diagnostic endoscopic examination of urethra (as sole procedure)(including cystoscopy)£225.00£95.00
M7920Dilatation of urethra (including cystoscopy)£265.00£125.00
M7940Internal urethrotomy (including cystoscopy +/- dilatation)£315.00£160.00
M8130External meatotomy of urethral orifice£225.00£85.00
N0500Bilateral excision of testes£460.00£190.00
N0630Laparoscopic orchidectomy£400.00£190.00
N0680Orchidectomy and excision of spermatic cord (+/- insertion of prosthesis)£400.00£160.00
N0700Excision of lesion of testis£315.00£155.00
N0820Orchidopexy - bilateral£480.00£375.00
N1000Prosthesis of testis (insertion or removal)£275.00£130.00
N1100Correction of hydrocele£290.00£170.00
N1101Correction of hydrocele(s) – bilateral£450.00£240.00
N1320Fixation of testis£310.00£175.00
N1340Biopsy of testis£220.00£100.00
N1350Exploration of testis (including biopsy)£245.00£170.00
N1352Laparoscopy for impalpable testis£275.00£125.00
N1380Bilateral fixation of testes£325.00£160.00
N1510Bilateral epididymectomy£350.00£170.00
N1520Unilateral epididymectomy£290.00£175.00
N1580Excision of epididymal cyst£285.00£180.00
N1710Vasectomy (bilateral ligation of Vas Deferens)£0.00£0.00
N1810Vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy) bilateral£0.00£0.00
N1900Operation(s) on varicocele£300.00£195.00
N1910Laparoscopic varicocelectomy£300.00£260.00
N2200Operation(s) on seminal vesicle£350.00£155.00
N2610Total amputation of penis£650.00£220.00
N2620Partial amputation of penis£500.00£220.00
N2710Excision of lesion of penis£275.00£125.00
N2740Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for Peyronies disease£120.00£0.00
N2780Operation for Peyronie's disease (e.g. Nesbitt's)£550.00£187.00
N2781Lue’s procedure for Peyronie’s disease£700.00£200.00
N2782Intralesional injection of pharmacologic agent for Peyronie’s disease (including post injection manipulation)£100.00£110.00
N2820Reconstruction of penis£590.00£240.00
N2840Repair of avulsion of penis£670.00£220.00
N2842Frenuloplasty of penis£170.00£105.00
N2880Repair of injury to penis£390.00£175.00
N2910Insertion of inflatable penile implant (as a sole procedure)£740.00£0.00
N3020Division of preputial adhesions£100.00£100.00
N3031Circumcision with Plastibell£270.00£150.00
N3032Revision of circumcision£290.00£160.00
N3210Biopsy of lesion of penis£200.00£110.00
U1290Video urodynamic studies£375.00£0.00
L1401Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)£0.00£0.00
L1620Axillo-unifemoral bypass£850.00£520.00
L1680Axillo-bifemoral bypass£950.00£555.00
L1940Open infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm tube graft£1,520.00£610.00
L1960Open infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm bifurcation graft£1,900.00£625.00
L2720Endovascular aneursym repair (EVAR) of suprarenal aorta, with insertion of fenestrated graft (up to two orifices)£2,000.00£650.00
L2780Endovascular aneursym repair (EVAR) of suprarenal aorta, with insertion of fenestrated graft (three to four orifices)£2,240.00£750.00
L2930Bypass of carotid artery from the arch£1,520.00£555.00
L2950Carotid endarterectomy£1,150.00£555.00
L3710Bypass of subclavian artery from the arch£1,420.00£520.00
L3711Bypass of subclavian artery - extra-thoracic£925.00£420.00
L3730Endarterectomy and patch repair of subclavian artery£1,420.00£555.00
L4140Endarterectomy of renal artery£1,420.00£555.00
L4190Reconstruction of renal artery(ies)£1,520.00£520.00
L4292Reconstruction of transplant renal artery£0.00£0.00
L4300Transluminal operations on renal artery£500.00£230.00
L4530Endarterectomy and patch repair of visceral branch of abdominal aorta£1,900.00£620.00
L4600Other open operations on other visceral branch of abdominal aorta£1,900.00£620.00
L5100Aorto-iliac, aorto-femoral, ilio-femoral bypass£1,520.00£520.00
L5180Aorto-bifemoral bypass£1,520.00£750.00
L5210Endarterectomy and patch repair of iliac artery£1,150.00£470.00
L5300Open operations on iliac artery£1,150.00£470.00
L5400Transluminal operations on iliac artery£425.00£160.00
L5910Femoro-femoral bypass£850.00£450.00
L5922Femoro-popliteal bypass using prosthesis£1,100.00£540.00
L5923Femoro-popliteal bypass using vein£1,250.00£540.00
L5924Femoro-popliteal bypass using vein cuff/patch£1,150.00£470.00
L5950Femoro-distal calf bypass using prosthesis +/- vein cuff/patch£1,250.00£470.00
L5960Femoro-distal calf bypass using vein£1,300.00£600.00
L6000Endarterectomy of femoral artery£850.00£425.00
L6230Reconstruction/bypass for popliteal aneurysm£1,150.00£625.00
L6300Transluminal procedures on femoral artery£500.00£160.00
L6500Revision of reconstruction of artery£0.00£0.00
L6530Revision of femoral bypass graft£1,250.00£475.00
L6710Biopsy of artery (including temporal) (as sole procedure)£185.00£95.00
L6800Repair of limb artery£735.00£215.00
L6840Repair of limb artery using vein graft£865.00£300.00
L7010Open embolectomy of artery£690.00£300.00
L7110Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of artery, +/- insertion of stent£425.00£185.00
L7410Creation of arteriovenous shunt (synthetic graft)£560.00£225.00
L7420Creation of arteriovenous fistula (including subsequent closure)£425.00£375.00
L7422Creation of arteriovenous fistula for dialysis£0.00£0.00
L7423Ligation of arteriovenous fistula for dialysis£425.00£240.00
L7430Removal of arteriovenous shunt (synthetic graft)£500.00£180.00
L7510Excision of arteriovenous malformation of major vessel excluding brain£2,240.00£680.00
L7511Excision of arteriovenous malformation from peripheral vessel£0.00£0.00
L7520Repair of acquired arteriovenous fistula£0.00£0.00
L7580Repair of arteriovenous fistula£650.00£365.00
L7712Inferior vena cavogram£300.00£130.00
L8510Ligation/stripping of long or short saphenous vein (including local excision/multiple phlebectomy)£320.00£225.00
L8512Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of single venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - unilateral£400.00£245.00
L8513Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of single vein includimg local excision / phlebectomy - bilateral£600.00£400.00
L8514Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of more than one venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - unilateral£500.00£285.00
L8515Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of more than one venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - bilateral£600.00£430.00
L8520Ligation/stripping of long or short saphenous vein (including local excision/multiple phlebectomy) - bilateral£600.00£350.00
L8530Operations for recurrent varicose veins with re-exploration of groin - unilateral£600.00£285.00
L8532Operations for recurrent varicose veins without re-exploration of groin or popliteal fossa - unilateral£500.00£265.00
L8540Radiofrequency ablation of more than one venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - unilateral£500.00£245.00
L8541Radiofrequency ablation of more than one venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - bilateral£600.00£430.00
L8542Radiofrequency ablation of single venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - unilateral£400.00£245.00
L8543Radiofrequency ablation of single venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - bilateral£600.00£350.00
L8550Bioadhesive closure of varicose veins using cyanoacrylate - unilateral£0.00£0.00
L8551Bioadhesive closure of varicose veins using cyanoacrylate - bilateral£0.00£0.00
L8580Operations for recurrent varicose veins with re-exploration of groin - bilateral£800.00£380.00
L8582Operations for recurrent varicose veins without re-exploration of groin or popliteal fossa - bilateral£600.00£390.00
L8600Unilateral varicose vein injection sclerotherapy£100.00£0.00
L8620Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy of varicose veins - unilateral£200.00£160.00
L8621Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy of varicose veins - bilateral£300.00£200.00
L8650Trans-luminal occlusion of perforators (TRLOP) - unilateral£0.00£0.00
L8651Trans-luminal occlusion of perforators (TRLOP) - bilateral£0.00£0.00
L8680Bilateral varicose vein injection sclerotherapy£185.00£0.00
L8690Sclerotherapy for thread veins£0.00£0.00
L8700Ligation/stripping of long and short saphenous veins (including local excision/multiple phlebectomy)£480.00£270.00
L8750Local excision (multiple phlebectomy) of varicose vein(s) of leg - unilateral£185.00£150.00
L8751Local excision (multiple phlebectomy) of varicose vein(s) of leg - bilateral£280.00£250.00
L8770Subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery (SEPS) - unilateral£0.00£0.00
L8771Subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery (SEPS) - bilateral£0.00£0.00
L8780Ligation/stripping of long and short saphenous veins (including local excision/multiple phlebectomy) - bilateral£800.00£385.00
L8880Endovenous mechanochemical ablation for varicose veins£0.00£0.00
L9000Open removal of thrombus from vein£650.00£220.00
L9110Insertion of tunnelled central venous catheter (Hickman line)£230.00£200.00
L9112Surgical insertion of central venous dialysis line£275.00£150.00
L9113Percutaneous insertion of central venous dialysis line£230.00£160.00
L9114Removal of central venous dialysis line£130.00£100.00
L9115Implantation of port device (PowerPort)£230.00£150.00
L9180Insertion of implantable central venous port (portacath) e.g Port-a-Cath under image guidance£320.00£150.00
L9181Removal of Portacath/Port-a-Cath/Vasoport Unit£280.00£130.00
L9350Basilic vein transposition£650.00£370.00
L9510Venography (and bilateral)£130.00£0.00
L9550Catheter cerebral venography and manometry£900.00£350.00
L9580Varicography for recurrent varicose veins£185.00£0.00
L9730Isolated limb perfusion£900.00£450.00
L9760Enhanced external counter pulsation£0.00£0.00
L9820Lymphatico-venous anastomosis (LVA)£0.00£0.00
L9980Sclerotherapy of lymphatic or peripheral venous malformation£400.00£220.00
T8520Block dissection of axillary lymph nodes (axillary clearance) levels 1 to 3£500.00£240.00
T8540Block dissection of para-aortic lymph nodes£820.00£325.00
T8550Block dissection of inguinal lymph nodes£560.00£240.00
T8592Laparoscopic retroperitoneal lymph node dissection£610.00£400.00
T8594Laparoscopic para-aortic lymph node dissection£610.00£350.00
T8620Sampling of axillary lymph nodes£130.00£130.00
T8640Sampling of internal mammary lymph nodes£230.00£160.00
T8700Excision biopsy of lymph node for diagnosis (cervical, inguinal, axillary)£230.00£150.00
T8810Free microvascular lymph-node transfer£0.00£0.00
T8820Liposuction for lymphoedema extremity£0.00£0.00
T8910Vascularised lymph node transfer as sole procedure£0.00£0.00
T9610Excision of cystic hygroma£500.00£260.00
V4310Vertebral corpectomy,discectomy, decompression and fusion (including bone grafting)£0.00£0.00
X4110Open insertion of Tenckhoff catheter£320.00£120.00
X4112Percutaneous insertion of Tenckhoff catheter£275.00£120.00
X4120Removal of Tenckhoff catheter£130.00£110.00
XR287Catheter cerebral venography and manometry£0.00£0.00
XR362Embolisation of pelvic vein varices£0.00£0.00
XR391Embolisation of arteriovenous malformation (AVM) e.g. of foot, minor organ£0.00£0.00

Table Last Updated: 15/02/2017

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