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Consultant anaesthetists are highly trained doctors who specialize in the provision of safe general anaesthesia, sedation and pain relief for the procedures that your Surgeon or Physician is arranging for you. They work closely with the nurses in the pre-assessment clinics to make sure you are fit for your surgery.
During your pre-assessment visit you may have some routine tests depending on your age and current health.  For more information regarding these tests, please click here.
Your anaesthetist will discuss and advise you on the various options and techniques for anaesthesia relevant to the procedure you are undergoing. They will tailor this advice to each individual patient taking into account any other medical conditions you may have.
You will usually see your Consultant anaesthetist on the morning of your operation when he/she will perform an anaesthetic assessment. If your surgery is more complex or you have particular medical problems, you may have a consultation with your anaesthetist prior to admission to hospital Further information about anaesthesia and different anaesthetic techniques/procedures can be found in the section under Patient Information.

Anaesthetic information leaflets

Information for Children

Risks of General Anaesthetics

Critical Care

Consultant Anaesthetists are also practitioners in Critical Care Medicine. If your surgery is complex you may  require more intensive post-operative monitoring in either the High Dependency or Intensive Care Unit. If this level of care is needed we will work with your surgical/medical consultant to provide you with this level of care 24 hours a day.